MIP CANCUN: celebrating 10 years of building a LatAm and US Hispanic TV community!

The 10th anniversary edition of MIP CANCUN stands as a testament to a decade filled with exceptional milestones within the television and entertainment industry. With 800 delegates representing 43 countries, along with over 200 buyers, the event became an electrifying epicenter of creativity, collaboration, and unparalleled business prospects. Over three dynamic days, more than 8,000 one-to-one meetings sparked connections that will undoubtedly shape the industry’s trajectory for years to come.

María Pérez-Bellière’s opening words encapsulated the spirit of unity and community that defines MIP CANCUN: “Ten years ago, a community was born. MIP CANCUN is a huge embrace among friends. Coming from over 80 different countries, from Europe, North America, Latin America… and for all attending for the first time, you are now part of this enormous community called MIP CANCUN. So make every moment count. I hope you find successful meetings, great business opportunities, and strong, lasting friendships.”


Revolutionizing Latin American Entertainment: Fast & Global Summit with OTTera, Samsung TV Plus & Prensario International

MIP CANCUN officially kicked off with the inaugural edition of Fast & Global: Americas Summit, a collaborative venture with OTTera, Samsung TV Plus, and Prensario International, focused on the explosion of FAST channels and programming offerings in Latin America, the US Hispanic market, and Canada.

This summit delved deep into the ever-evolving realm of free ad-supported streaming television. Top industry experts shared insights, paving the way for a new era of content distribution and monetization.

Finally, the summit concluded with a insightful reflection by Nicolás Smirnoff from Prensario, summarizing the entire summit as follows:

“We are heading towards a future where all broadcasters and production houses can have AVOD and FAST services and platforms. This will result in a massive market, but also a highly competitive one, where only those who can adapt and actively listen to their audiences will stand out.”


Keynote Marvels: Sony Pictures & Warner Bros. Discovery Unveil Industry Insights

Keynotes by Carlos Quintanilla of Sony Pictures Television and Anouk Aaron of Warner Bros. Discovery served as guiding beacons, illuminating the industry’s path forward amidst a rapidly changing landscape. Their wisdom resonated deeply, providing invaluable insights for content creators navigating the intricate terrain of the entertainment world.

“Success is relative, however projects that become relevant feature excellent performances, a solid script, direction that enhances that script, and management that successfully brings the vision outlined on a simple piece of paper to the screen, faithfully and satisfactorily.”, explained Carlos Quintanilla, VP of Original Content, LatAm & US Hispanic at Sony Pictures Television.

Anouk Aaron affirmed: “The future of Warner, and of the entire industry, relies on trusting young talent, delegating to give creative freedom to their fresh ideas, yet also mentoring these talents to innovate while maintaining an identity as creators with which our consumers can forge an emotional bond.”


DORI MEDIA’s spotlight stole the show at MIP CANCUN!

Nadav Palti, CEO & President, and Joshua Mintz, Chief Content Officer, unveiled their strategies, diving into the realm of evolving audience preferences.

“We’re exploring ways to trim down our project episodes. With a vast content offering, newer generations are choosier about their entertainment, so grabbing their attention quickly is key,” Mintz explained.

Additionally, Nadav Palti emphasized, “Investing in development and fostering a robust international partner network is crucial. These factors ensure our products, despite the time devoted to writing, pre-production, and production, will succeed.”


Keynote: IP Building in a Changing World

“IP Building in a Changing World” took center stage with Manolo Cardona, Actor, Director, and Executive Producer at 11:11 FILMS & TV, and Jimena Rodriguez, Head of LatAm at Wild Sheep, captivating the audience. Their exploration of navigating intellectual property amidst industry shifts offered a roadmap for adaptability and triumph.

“In these post-pandemic times, production companies lean towards proven concepts with a solid fan base for guaranteed success, rather than taking risks on new ideas,” shared Manolo Cardona.


Screenings and exclusive showcases!

Screenings offered exclusive glimpses into upcoming series like “Playa Soledad” by Sony Pictures Television and “Tierra de Deseos” by GLOBO, fostering emotional connections and resonating storytelling.

Emotions ran high at the “Safir” screening by ATV! Feraye, Yaman, Ateş, and a tale brimming with passion captivated hearts, leaving the audience breathless and yearning for more!

Turkish television’s fervor and drama took center stage with Inter Medya’s special screening. Led by Beatriz Cea Okan, VP and Head of Sales, attendees immersed themselves in the passion of “Traición” and the anticipation of “LEYLIFER.”

The magic of Turkish television charmed the audience, promising an emotional journey with each production.


Championing Diversity and Inclusion: WAWA Celebrates Woman of the Year

The WAWA Woman of the Year award became a poignant moment, honoring exceptional professionals for their exemplary leadership, ethics, diversity, and unwavering commitment to the industry. This prestigious event underscored the significance of recognizing excellence and embracing diversity within the entertainment realm.

In a groundbreaking moment, the WAWA Women of the Year Award saw a remarkable three-way tie, recognizing Fidela Navarro, CEO at DOPAMINE, Carmen Larios, Senior Vice President of Content and Marketing at A&E Networks Latin America, and Selina Nederhand, Senior Vice President & Co-Networks Head of Content Strategy at Sony Pictures Entertainment. Their collective honor stems from exceptional leadership, unwavering commitment to ethical practices, advocacy for diversity, and a dedicated pursuit of fostering inclusivity within the industry.


Glamour & Excellence: PRODU Awards Night!

The captivating PRODU Awards night shone a radiant spotlight on Latin and Spanish productions, celebrating the brilliance and dedication of industry luminaries. The winners’ talent and dedication illuminated the stage, creating an unforgettable spectacle that reverberated throughout the industry.

Discover the full list of winners here.


Grand Finale: MIP CANCUN 2023 Culmination

As night fell upon MIP CANCUN, the Opening and Closing Parties became pulsating centers of celebration and connection. The Closing Party was a breathtaking culmination, the night sky illuminated by dazzling fireworks commemorating a decade of invaluable connections and collaborations. A monumental three-tiered cake graced the main table, symbolizing the colossal milestone of MIP CANCUN’s 10th Anniversary.

In essence, this market was a celebration of connections, creativity, and the vibrant spirit that defines this dynamic industry, fostering bonds that transcend borders and cultures.


Thank you to all our participants for contributing to the success of MIP CANCUN 2023. Make sure to save the date—November 19 to 22, 2024—for next year’s edition, promising more opportunities and memorable moments.

See you there!

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