Maria Perez-Bellière, Director of MIP CANCUN, adressed a warm welcome to all attendees, marking the start of a day filled with a brand new and insightful FAST & GLOBAL: Americas Summit and networking opportunities to celebrate the 10th-anniversary edition of the #1 Content and Co-Production Market in Latin America and the US Hispanic territory.

“Ten years ago, a community was born. MIP CANCUN is a huge embrace among friends. Coming from over 80 different countries, from Europe, North America, Latin America… For all attending for the first time, you are now part of this enormous community called MIP CANCUN. So make every moment count. I hope you find successful meetings, great business opportunities, and strong, lasting friendships.”


Fast & Global: Americas Summit in Partnership with OTTera, Samsung TV Plus & Prensario International

Following Perez-Bellière’s welcome, MIP CANCUN officially kicked off with the inaugural edition of the FAST & GLOBAL: AMERICAS SUMMIT, a summit focused on the explosion of FAST channels and programming offerings in Latin America, the US Hispanic market, and Canada.

During the summit, insights from top experts and specialists in the streaming TV world were presented on how to program and distribute free ad-supported streaming television (FAST). Guided by Nicolás Smirnoff of Prensario International, the changing landscape of content monetization and distribution was explored in specific and exclusive talks:


FAST Monetization: Challenges & Strategies for Success

Starting with a deep dive by Adriana Frías, Growth Sales Mexico at OTTera, on the challenges and successful strategies in FAST monetization.

“Companies are taking control of their own territory and moving from being on a platform to BEING a platform. In the FAST Channel, it is necessary to overcome challenges such as ad fatigue, attract buyers with attractive business models, SSP management, and, most importantly, generate profits,” commented Frías.


Demystifying FAST

Next up was Marie de Rosario Buil, Chief Customer Officer at BB Media, shedding light on the complexities of the FAST world to dispel doubts and uncertainties around this business model.

“On average, households are consuming FAST content for about 7 hours weekly, which is comparable to traditional television, demonstrating a clear interest in this format and a high willingness to pay for valuable content.”


Curated & Branded FAST Channels: Reaching Audiences Everywhere

The Cancun Theater was adorned with a distinguished panel featuring Felipe Osorio, SVP Content Verticals at Canela Media, Eddy Arias, VP International Content Partnerships at Paramount – PlutoTV, and Fernando Bethancourt, Director of Distribution and Strategic Alliances at TV Azteca, who explored the creation and positioning of FAST channels.

“The new generations want to see content their way, on the devices they choose, at the time they want, and that’s what the industry should aim for,” detailed Fernando Muñiz, Director of Distribution and Strategic Alliances, TV Azteca.

Felipe Osorio, SVP Content Verticals at Canela Media, reflected: “The versatility of platforms allows you to offer audiences not only the consumption of content but also to interact with it, explore characters more deeply, and engage consumers with what they see.”


FAST TV Services and Platforms: Expanding Content Options

Once again, the Cancun Theater was packed as industry leaders Aline Jabbour, Business Development Director at Samsung TV Plus, Stephen Hodge, CEO of Ottera, Kristen Bedno, Head of Content Partnerships & Acquisitions, North America at VA Media, and JP Garcia, Head of Audience Development at Runtime Media, discussed the expansion of content options on FAST TV.

“There is a huge area of opportunity for local content creators in Latin America, in local broadcasters, both in FAST formats and in OTT and AVOD. If you have a community interested in your content, you need a strategy that monetizes that interest and turns it into a loyal stream of consumers,” acknowledged Hodge.

Aline Jabbour added: “The best business path is to listen to your audience, offer quality programming that the audience really wants to watch. If a partner understands that this is the most important thing, then they are the right partner.”


Channel Opportunities on the SAMSUNG Platform

Aline Jabbour, Business Development Director at Samsung TV Plus, returned to the stage to present exciting channel opportunities on their platform.

“Content goes beyond entertaining: it educates, inspires, and, at the same time, entertains,” pointed out Jabbour. “What is the Latin American audience? Who is behind the screens? That’s the first thing we need to know to connect with them and address their needs, not only for entertainment but to identify with what entertains them.”


Disruptive and Emerging Digital Initiatives

In the final stretch of the first edition of the FAST & GLOBAL: AMERICAS SUMMIT at MIP CANCUN, Daniel Padilla, CEO of OnePlay Media, Pablo Iacoviello, Director, Monetization at Amazon Studios, Abel Tamayo, Director, Business Development & Sales at Ole Broadcasting and Distribution, and Julian Rodriguez Montero, Content Director at TVUP – Tivify, shared insights on disruptive and emerging digital initiatives to bring entertainment content to new and diverse audiences.


Exciting Closing Words by Prensario!

Finally, the summit concluded with a insightful reflection by Nicolás Smirnoff from Prensario, summarizing the entire summit as follows:

“We are heading towards a future where all broadcasters and production houses can have AVOD and FAST services and platforms. This will result in a massive market, but also a highly competitive one, where only those who can adapt and actively listen to their audiences will stand out.”



Screening: Playa Soledad Presented by Sony Pictures Television

Sony Pictures Television provided MIP CANCUN with a first-row television experience with the screening of “Playa Soledad.” Attendees enjoyed the exclusive first episode and an emotional behind-the-scenes commentary by the main cast: Maria Castella, Odiseo Bichir, and Luis Curieel.

“Why is it important to carry out a series like this? Because it generates genuine interest in the characters, empathizing with their emotions, situations, problems, and suddenly you find yourself developing affection for them; and such a reaction inspires and motivates. They lead you to grow along with these characters,” shared Odiseo Bichir.


MIP CANCUN pre-opening drinks with Sony Pictures Television

The day concluded with a networking event open to all attendees, providing an opportunity to connect and relax with a pre-opening cocktail before the start of MIP CANCUN.

Many more connections, business deals, insights, and learnings await us on Day 2. Stay tuned!

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