In a new competition this year, producers attending MIPCOM were encouraged to pitch their ideas to a leading buyer, Red Arrow International‘s Senior VP of Production & Development, Mike Timmerman (pictured above, right). The twist: they had to do it startup-style, in the elevator of Cannes’ Le Cavendish hotel, in just 15 seconds; and via MIP Markets’ Instagram account (where you can still check out all the pitches, by the way!)

Channel 20/Israel Hayom news anchor Lital Shemesh (left above) won with Last Chance to Run, a show which gives fiancées a last chance to change their minds before they get married:

Her prize, a meeting with Timmermann in the Palais today, also gave her the opportunity to pitch a second idea, an “interactive singing talent show combining special technical elements and social media.”

Timmermann “said he really likes the ideas, and will share them with his management,” said Shemesh after the meeting — although the competition comes with no obligation for the buyer to acquire the concept. Still, added the news presenter, “I provided really detailed information on the concepts, right down to length and number of episodes, so I think I told him all he needed to know.”

“The elevator pitch is a great technique,” enthused Shemesh; “it’s exciting to have 15 seconds to tell your format.” That said, the presenter has already made great strides without the competition; at this, her first MIP, two new shows she conceived are being launched: Cook for the Chefs (Global Agency) and a docu-reality show called Come to Bed, with Small World.

Does this success mean Shemesh will give up her day job? Not necessarily. “In Israel, a lot of hosts also create programmes, so it’s not that unusual,” she says. “You need to constantly search for more creative ways to do things, especially in the news sector, where everything is changing. You see anchors posting 1 minute clips on social media; Facebook Live is growing; and not to mention VR.”
Special thanks to independent producer Lisa Gray, and TBWA/Zurich’s Sandra Lehner, who conceived and ran the MIPCOM Elevator Pitch like the total pros they are; Mike Timmermann, for his essential participation;  everyone who pitched their ideas; and to le Cavendish hotel, for welcoming us for the pitches!

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