For those that missed it, the full-length version of KISS frontman Gene Simmons’ headline session was the most-watched MIP conference video ever. Not, one fears, for anything he said about his reality TV series “Family Jewels”; rather for his tirade against music pirates and the majors at the end of his session. “The music industry was asleep at the wheel. It didn’t have the balls to go and sue every fresh-faced, freckle-faced college kid who downloaded material. So now we’re left with hundreds of thousands of people without jobs” (and it goes on after that!). Result: video picked up by Ars Technica, NME, the Guardian & more; and Simmons’ site being taken down by internet anarchists Anonymous. Also read our liveblog report here.

Next up – but a long way behind – is Facebook’s Joanna Shields, who is effectively in charge of the social network’s European operations. Having affirmed in her presentation (liveblog & full video here) that “The most important word in the internet world today is not search: it’s share,” she added in this interview that the “check-in” capacity of Facebook Places could one day be added to TV shows. Promising stuff…

Third place went to Jumpwire Media’s Gavin McGarry, and his ever-popular cross-media wrap up of MIPCOM. Besides giving props to MIPBlog (yay!) he identified key industry trends such as Apps – MIPCOM sessions on this theme were “packed” – and web video, to name just two. And he reveals nuggets such as the fact that Dexter & Heroes are now more watched via illegal than legal channelsFull video and liveblog report here. Watch/read and learn!

All MIPCOM & MIPJunior video edits available on our YouTube channel; tune in soon for more highlights!

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