It seems like just yesterday we were hitting MIPTV — but it’s already been half a year. And a lot’s changed since. Here’s a sampler plate of what we’ll have our eye on. (For the full sched, be sure to peruse the MIPCOM programme here; and MIPJunior’s here).

MIPJunior highlights (Oct 1&2)

Instinct & Experience vs. Research: What Do Buyers Want? That final question is the reason you should go – because buyers will tell you themselves what they want. I’m guessing the cocktail is different for every project and market, but you never know. Much like a tequila sunrise, the Masterchef format seems to work everywhere.

Teen Market at the Heart of Transmedia’s Explosion. The colossal learning curve of teens, coupled with their schizophrenic media activity, make them a tough act to follow. But they’re the demographic to watch when you think about scaling content sustainably through tomorrow.

Games, Apps & New Devices: Production Future with Non Linear Money. This is a must for anybody who cares where the big money is coming from — not just in the future, but in the present. People are buying content à la carte and on the go, in smaller increments but in greater volume. Stay in step!

The MIPJunior Mastermind Keynote with Sam Register, EVP Creative Affairs of Warner Bros. Animation. Keynotes are chicken soup for the soul, and Register has plenty of experience targeting increasingly fickle kids. If juniors are your target, don’t miss this.

MIPCOM highlights (October 3-6)

MIPCOM World Premiere: ABC Studios’ “Missing”. There’s nothing like seeing fresh scripted TV for the first time on a big screen, and this espionage thriller featuring Ashley Judd has qualities that are tried and true (if you’re a Bourne follower or a CIA conspiracy film lover). The prevalence of technology in the show also presents ripe engagement opportunities for viewers.

MIPCOM Opening Party. Stop here Monday night to get things started right! Meet stars, buyers, producers and other potential partners in a relaxed atmosphere. That’s how the best business relationships are born. (Plus, you’ll finally be able to whip out those snappy shoes that you never, ever wear).

Redefining Real-Time Engagement: What’s Next in Social TV? TV isn’t dead, it’s evolving. And what people want is a mix of the passive experience we all love, coupled with the capacity to dip in and engage every so often. Find the tools that equip you to maximise the engagement hot-spots of your content.

Alternative Sources of Financing; Banks & Venture Capitalists. Nobody ever fully cracks the financing nut; looking at alternative means keeps you limber, hopeful and imaginative.

Media Mastermind Keynote: Kevin Reilly, Fox Broadcasting Company. Fox remains one of the biggest entertainment acts to follow; learn what they did about thriving in our changing landscape. Oh and after his keynote, Reilly will host a Q&A with Kiefer Sutherland and Tim Kring about their new series, Touch. Such excitement!

Digital Minds Summit and Game-Changers drinks: The former is so exclusive and high level even WE can’t go. But we’ll be there for the drinks afterwards, grabbing soundbites from some of the most powerful people in the biz…

West Meets East Buyer Panel: Don’t let cultural blindspots keep you from forming productive new partnerships! Come here for the skinny on how to close international deals, if you haven’t already shaken a few hands at the Asian Content Exchange Networking Breakfast.

MIPCOM Personality of the Year Keynote: Anne Sweeney, Disney Media Networks & Disney-ABC Television Group. Don’t you want to know what persona’s making the media swoon? If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll even get to meet him/her at the invitation-only MIPCOM Personality of the Year Dinner.

Re-Monetise, Re-Load, Re-make Your Catalogue. Wind the week down with a workshop that starts your catalogue off right this season. MIPCOM is boot camp. You can’t have all the fun without a few sit-ups.

MIPCOM 2011 Bloggers Round-Up. Here you’ll get the ultimate distillation of trends and big opportunities that are reverberating across audiences and cultures, from a selection of online pundits with no vested interests. Bring your iPad, or a real pad (complete with pen). Expect copious note-taking.

Needless to say, we’ll be covering the above and more, here on MIPBlog of course, but also on TwitterYouTube and as many other platforms as we can muster. So see you there, wherever that may be!

And if you haven’t already, RSVP for our first-ever Tweet-Up, Tuesday night at 19h30. In addition to meeting the MIPBlog team, share a couple of drinks with the geeks who’ll be steering your content into the buttery horizon of tomorrow.



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