On MIPCOM’s last day, The WIT‘s Virginia Mouseler opened for Social TV Boot Camp with the “social TV” variant of her beloved Fresh TV segment. Here’s what she gave us.

The 5 Social TV Categories:

1. Talent Shows

2. Live Events

3. Jersey Shores

4. Latin Passion

5. Locally rooted drama
The best-performing shows in each category were ranked by engagement (typically comments), since sheer volume would not be useful. (The US would inevitably win because of audience size alone.)

Here are the top shows per category.

Talent Shows Rule:

44.4% of comments made on social TV go to talent shows, even though they only represent 3.11% of all shows measured. Their premieres get 30,769 comments on average. New show premieres across the board tend to average 2154. The best-performing shows:

– The Voice Spain (268K)

– The Voice Brazil (147K)

– New Zealand’s Got Talent (14K)

Live events:

– Drugs Live UK, a two-day special that generated 130,000 comments.

Jersey Shores:

– The Valleys, MTV UK: 61,000 comments.

– The Shire, Australia – 3rd most-commented premiere of 2012 in the country

– The GC, New Zealand – the 2nd most-commented premiere of 2012 in the country

In general, Jersey Shore and its direct variants are also popular in the world:

– Jersey Shore USA got 18.5 million (2009); Berlin Day & Night got 2.2 million (2011)


Latin Passion:

LatAm shows get 30% more comments on average than other new shows worldwide. Telenovelas get 30% more than other equivalent new fiction shows, and LatAm entertainment shows average 60% more comments than equivalent entertainment shows worldwide.

– Mi problema con las mujeres, Argentina, 8.1K comments

– La Sexologa, Chile, 4.6K comments


Locally Rooted Drama:

– Imperium, Spain 5.3 K comments

– Isabel, Spain 3.8K comments

– Deadline, Belgium 0.8K comments


And that, as they say, was a wrap!

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