Danse avec les stars d’internet (Dancing with the Stars of the Internet), France, Twitch.tv (Michou) and TF1+

Pitch:  Digital spin-off of the local adaptation of the “Dancing With the Stars” format. Dancing competition in which six YouTubers and streamers battle it out in front of the main show’s jury. Aired live on Twitch on French streamer Michou’s channel (1.9 million followers) and on TF1+ (TF1’s streaming service).

Social media buzz:  The first two episodes averaged 289,000 unique viewers on Twitch, a very good performance. The third and final episode, simulcast on linear channel TF1, delivered 111,000 unique viewers on Twitch and 809,000 linear viewers. On TF1, the finale averaged a 20.1% share in the 4+ and a 28,9% share in the commercial target.

Premiere: Saturday, March 9, 2024

Distributor(s):  BBC Studios

3 120-minute weekly episodes


Prison Escape Battle, USA, YouTube (Dude Perfect)

Pitch:  Competition series in which “Dude Perfect” members try to break out of their cell and evade the thermal drones and attack dogs to complete their escape. Last “inmate” standing wins the competition. “Dude Perfect” is a group of YouTubers known for their entertaining videos showcasing trick shots, challenges, and sporting feats.

Social media buzz:  From March 9 to April 22, the special has gathered more than 6.6 million views in total (150,000 views per day on average) and more than 2,900 comments. Dude Perfect’s YouTube channel has 60,1 million subscribers.

Premiere: Saturday, March 9, 2024

Distributor(s):  Dude Perfect

One 13-minute special


Side Hustlers, USA, The Roku Channel (Free VOD)

Pitch:  Docu-reality series produced by Reese Witherspoon, which two savvy investors each mentor three aspiring entrepreneurs, guiding them through a high-stakes boot camp aimed at transforming their side hustles into sustainable main hustles that could potentially make millions. Produced by Hello Sunshine, a part of Candle Media, and Ally Financial.

Social media buzz:  Good performances on the platform, during its opening weekend, the was the #1 on-demand title on The Roku Channel, according to the streamer (by reach and engagement). A second season has been ordered.

Premiere: Friday, March 1, 2024

Distributor(s):  ITV Studios

5 45-minute episodes

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