Inside, United Kingdom, YouTube (The Sidemen)

Pitch:  British reality competition by YouTube group “The Sidemen” in which ten social media stars and celebrities live with each other in a house with the bare minimum. For seven days, they try to win challenges to earn comforts and money. If the group wins the challenges, money is added to the communal prize pool, which begins at £1 million, but if they fail, they risk seeing their prize pool dwindle. By “buying” luxury home comforts such as hot showers and snacks, the contestants take even more money away from the ultimate prize.

Social media buzz:  From June 2 to 25, the first episode has gathered more than 13 million views in total and more than 16,000 comments. All 7 episodes reached at least 5 million views and the finale has gathered more than 6.6 million views (from June 9 to 25). The Sidemen’s YouTube channel has 21,3 million subscribers.

Premiere: Sunday, June 2, 2024

Distributor(s):  Arcade Media / Cowshed Collective

One 120-minute episode + six 60-minute episodes


Aux Jeux Streamers! (To The Games, Streamers!), France, and Twitch (ZeratoR)

Pitch:  Sports competition in which eight teams of four competitors compete in eight disciplines: fencing, basketball, volleyball, climbing, table tennis, long jump, 60-meter hurdles and 60-meter sprint. The contestants are hosts, streamers and athletes.

Social media buzz:  France Télévisions is delighted with the digital success of the event, with 40,000 viewers on average on Twitch and one million views with three days of delayed viewing.

Premiere: Saturday, April 27, 2024

Distributor(s):  Webedia / France Télévisions

One 300-minute special


Tiny Day Trippers, United Kingdom, YouTube and Channel 4’s social media platforms

Pitch:  Short-form branded entertainment show in which a British comedian has to play by the rules of two young children. In the first episode, best friends Leo and Anna take on a day trip with comedian Suzi Ruffell. They are free to choose the location of their excursion, as well as their activities.

Social media buzz:  From May 3 to June 25, the first episode has gathered more than 271,000 views in total. From May 10 to June 25, the first episode has gathered more than 643,000 views in total. Channel 4’s YouTube channel has 617,000 subscribers.

Premiere: Friday, May 3, 2024

Distributor(s):  Kalel Productions

Two 8-minute episodes

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