2020 has been a year that no one could have predicted. Where at times it has been worrying and unsettling, it has at times equally felt inspiring and has become a real moment of change, of reflection and of renewed purpose. This year, across the entire industry, we all had to change and adapt. Broadcasters, streamers, producers and creatives all had to go back to the drawing board – learning to remake their shows, market their shows and sell their shows in a completely new way.

So, as we head into the traditional MIPCOM week, sadly without being on the beautiful La Croissette, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on this new ‘abnormality’ and the key things we at Fremantle will be focusing on to deliver MIP in a new and exciting way:


1. A strong slate

While this year has been challenging, we are so proud that our global partners continue to trust us to share their stories, and our 2020 slate is testament to their creativity and passion. From coming-of-age shows to real life dramas that tackle many of the issues facing young audiences today; to factual shows that consider some of the most important questions for society and our future, these shows all cover topics that trigger conversation. They are culturally relevant, tackling topics of race, gender and climate change which leave viewers inspired. They hold huge cultural currency, addressing and reaching themes that younger audiences want to see on their screens.


2. Being bespoke

Every buyer is different, and this new reality has given us a real opportunity to create tailored, individual experiences. This year, we have launched our new fremantlescreenings.com website, which not only shows our fantastic slate in a new, slick, contemporary light but it is also allowing us to create interactive, bespoke experiences for our buyers.


3. Materials matter

While the billboards may be blank this year, it doesn’t mean we can’t be as impactful as ever. We’ve really focused on creating outstanding assets that bring our shows to life and offer buyers everything they need to know in an instant about our slate. Our shows have powerful messages, and this needs to come across straight away, whether in a reel, a deck or a sales brochure – I’m really proud of the efforts our creative team have gone to, to up the ante and challenge ourselves to speak to our buyers in new and innovative ways.


4. Don’t forget the fun

Whilst we may not be able to enjoy the sunshine, sea and excellent hospitality of Cannes this year, it doesn’t mean we can’t still take a moment to enjoy ourselves and put an element of fun into our meetings. From watch parties to lunches, we might not all be enjoying a rose but we’re still finding a way to bring a little bit of La Croisette in to our lives!


So whilst we won’t necessarily have the chance to meet in person this year, I wish you all a successful MIP week and look forward to when we can get back together in Cannes once again.


Top photo: Luca Guadagnino’s We Are Who We Are

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