In his MIPCOM Online+ presentation “Overcoming The Media Silos (Or How I Learned To Embrace Technology And Trust The Audience)”, Alexandre Amancio, Founder and CCO, Reflector Entertainment, and former Creative Director for Assassins Creed: Revelations and Unity, explained why today, with all the advances in technology available to storytellers “the door is open to all kinds of magic”.

He gives an example: “Imagine you’re a Star Wars fan and you go on to a platform and there’s an interactive map of the Galaxy. You click on Tatooine and you start zooming in. And you’re exploring the planet and then you see this little dot that marks where the droids crashed in the original film. And then you click on a button that says ‘Play Film’. And all of a sudden you go from exploring the world to playing the actual film from that point. And you see C-3PO and R2-D2 start walking in the desert, and then you start walking the film and you get to the Cantina suddenly you have a scene with Han Solo and Greedo.” He continued: “And then there’s a pop-up maybe that says: ‘Did you know that Greedo had his own book?’ You click on it and you start reading the novel. And maybe that platform gives you the possibility to play a character in the Star Wars Universe.”

You couldn’t have done all of that without the internet, he said. “But you can now. What if you could do it all from one place — one platform — and that place not only opened the door to exploring worlds, but also consuming content? That’s now possible today.”

In his keynote, Amancio outlines what the landscape is like today, “from the industry’s perspective and from the consumer’s perspective,” and he will suggest that some legacy companies are limited by traditional storytelling methods. He will then move on to “the basics of transmedia”: “Why is Die Hard not transmedia and why is John Wick transmedia? I would argue that Die Hard is a better action film, but that John Wick is transmedia-compatible, while Die Hard is not. But why? And then: what are the economics of this dichotomy?

Alexandre Amancio’s keynote is available on MIPCOM Online+, until November 17.

This is an extract from the MIPCOM One Book; full version online here!

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