The last few years have seen very rapid changes in the children’s entertainment space and we believe the content production, distribution and consumption landscape will continue to be very dynamic in the months and years to follow.

The production methodologies have evolved with the need to produce “faster and better” pushing boundaries in the recent years. “Hybrid shows” combining live action with animation will find favour as children will be able to relate to real life instances and characters combined with fantasy elements weaved into the story telling. 7Dwarfs and Me being produced by DQE with our long time partners Method Animation, combines a “real life” Snow White with “animated” dwarfs…

Children in the “digital era” will no longer be bound to TV sets and linear programming. The consumption will shift towards portable transmedia devices where content can be consumed “at will”. Producers of children’s content now need to increasingly innovate to catch the shrinking attention span of children who have access to a plethora of content available “on demand”. This is both an opportunity and a challenge as content producer’s now have multiple platforms and ways to reach kids and are no longer completely dependant on traditional mode of TV broadcasting. The advent and increasing market share of Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and other “over-the-top” video services that don’t require a cable TV subscription validates this trend.

The shift to the digital and product based content consumption by children and audiences in general will see broadcasters across the world adapt and evolve their programing and content catalogues to suit these changing trends, as they increasingly add interactive content to their portfolios.

While the era of linear programming is slowly fading, it will not become completely irrelevant any time soon – and television, albeit with different distribution methodologies, such as connected TV’s, anywhere TV etc. will continue to be the dominant medium for kids as they continue to watch their favorite shows through a variety of devices.


DQ Entertainment is one of the many kids’ TV companies attending MIPTV this year. See you there!

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