How can kids entertainment producers grab the attention of the world’s biggest buyers? In this exclusive MIPTV-MIPCOM document, 50 high-level acquisition execs share their tips. For example:

Well executed bibles that capture the essence of the project help assist with the creator’s vision”, says Walt Disney Australia‘s senior programming manager, Joel Williams.

Radio Canada‘s Nathalie Chamberland advises producers and sales teams to do their research on whom they’re pitching to: “When the seller I meet doesn’t know Radio Canada too well, I like that he or she takes the time to ask about what our specific needs are, at the beginning of the meeting. He or she can then show me only the specific series that could be of interest to us? That way, it saves everyone’s time.”

According to TVO‘s Suzanne Wilson, because her network has an “educational mandate”, “it’s essential to know what the learning goals of a series are, who was involved in the development and production on the educational side and — above all — how those goals have been incorporated into the content from a creative standpoint to ensure that the content is fun and engaging.”

Sun TV Network‘s Kavitha Jaubin explains that she will “opt for a deal which creates an impact at the first instance with the content being impressive, unique, sustainable and relevant for the channel.”


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