Has anybody pitched “Twerk TV” yet? (Image captured via MTV.com)


There’s a problem in the content business.

With too many channels, platforms and formats, the public is getting overwhelmed with choice. Paradoxically, when they do find a show they like, they want to binge watch it and then share it with the world. Hits become mega-hits and then mega-hits become brands.

Because of this, it seems some networks, distributors and producers believe thesmartest strategy is to immediately knock off or re-version anything that works. In 2013 there’s no shame in being the second, third or fourth version of an idea, as long as you can ride on the coat-tails of the first. Follow the leader is a game that’s working.

In that spirit, here are some ideas that I guarantee will be pitched this year at MIPCOM. Seriously! 😉


Freezer Wars

It’s Storage Wars for the Food Network. Five authentic ‘used food brokers’ bid on the frozen, unrecognisable contents of real peoples’ freezers, hunting for hidden treasures that can be flipped, re-purposed or sold. Picture the high-stakes surprise when those old soup bones turn out to be Alaska King Crab legs!


Beverly Hills Hairball

HGTV-type lifestyle channels are hungry for a celebrity-based series that makes sense on their channel. Beverly Hills Hairball is an episodic docu-soap about a plumber to the stars. Just imagine what’s getting snaked out of Zach Galifianakis’ toilet this week!


Toddler with a Tiara

From his first spittle to the last diaper change, this riveting docu-soap features the outrageous larger-than-life characters that wipe Prince George’s royal behind.


The Vine

A fast-paced new talk show geared to the mobile market and the short attention span of the Net Generation. The Vine features in-depth six-second interviews with the newly minted stars of the internet.


Prequels Work

From Bates Motel to The Carrie Diaries and Smallville, taking well-known fictional characters into their past is a sure fire road to a  green light. That’s why Count Me Outis a winner. Watch as an awkward 14-year old Count Dracula starts to date while his grown-up fangs are growing in. Cute boy vampires? Hello Disney!


Big Sister

Perfect for Oprah, here comes Big Sister. Twenty women move into a house — cooperate, re-decorate and nurture each other. No conflict, no one leaves and there’s lots of hugs at the end. Okay. Never mind.


Mars Colony

Now that a reality show has offered to send four people to Mars in 2023 and reached 200,000 applicants, impossible-dream television is the next big thing. Let me now announce that my company, AllScreen Entertainment, is searching for five participants to go on a journey to the centre of the earth in 2024. Applicants should submit a photo, resume and a short video explaining why they want to plunge themselves into a ball of molten iron on the telly.



From army, mob and footballer wives to prisoners, doctors and trophy wives it’s clear: wives shows work! But by now there’s not much left to pitch. Time for a speculative docudrama called Shark Wives. Tagline: good women who fall for bad fish!


Duck Dynasties

As the surprise hit of 2013, it’s no surprise that everyone now wants their own version ofDuck Dynasty. Take your pick!

– Pluck Dynasty – bearded rednecks who run a chicken farm.

– Truck Dynasty – bearded rednecks who run a transportation company.

– Luck Dynasty –  bearded rednecks who run a Bingo hall.

– Muck Dynasty – bearded rednecks who run a landscaping company


There’s an X-rated version too, but no doubt it’s already been produced.


Twerk TV

Nobody cares what it is… just pitch it… and quick! Don’t forget to hold on to the movie rights.


Allan Novak is an award-winning TV series and format creator, whose company AllScreen Entertainment creates and produces shows across platforms, genres and borders. You can find him on LinkedIn here, and follow him on Twitter here.

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