Dorota Smaggia, MD France for Unruly Media, took to the stage last week for an ultra-instructive MIPCube Talk. She pointed out that generation Y watches 3 billion hours of video per month right now; but that content isn’t always what you’d expect.

The myths she went on to debunk were:

Myth #1 – Content has to be funny? NO!
Myth #2 – The shorter the better? NO!
Myth #3 – Only big brands can make a big splash? NO!
Myth #4 – Social videos should only evoke obvious emotions such as happiness: NO!
Myth #5 – Emotive ads cannot be also information? NO!


Smaggia screened a number of videos to illustrate her points, including this – hilarious – most-watched UGC (user-generated content) video of 2013 so far:


And here’s a bonus for MIPBlog readers: Unruly’s rolling chart of the most-shared advertising/brand videos of the month. Enjoy!


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