Apps, apps, Facebook, apps, transmedia, apps, apps, Twitter, apps, YouTube. Oh yes, and apps.

Seriously though… 2011 is an exciting time to be writing about the creative industries’ use of technology, even if a big part of that task is sorting the hype from the genuinely innovative content and campaigns.

That’s why I’m hoping for some sessions that really cut to the chase at MIPTV (programme) and Connected Creativity Forum (programme) next week: identifying the genuine creative and commercial potential of apps, social media and other new technologies, rather than simply puffing out the latest buzzwords without a real idea of what they mean for the TV, music, film and publishing industries.

I’m looking forward to the case study-focused Break Out Group on Tuesday (16.10 – 17.25), where Mobile Roadie, SoundCloud, (Moshi Monsters creators) Mind Candy and Fridge among others will be talking about innovation from various parts of the globe. The next day, Robert Tercek‘s introductory keynote (9.00 – 9.15) will also be unmissable – I interviewed him a few times in his mobile entertainment industry days, and he’s always been one of the real big-picture thinkers in this space.

Vevo and Vivendi Mobile‘s joint session the same day (10.05 – 10.30) will also be well worth attending, as the music video service prepares for its launch here in Europe, and talks about the traction it’s gained in North America already. And if there’s one session with a buzzword in its title that you have to go to, it’s the following interview on gamification (10.40 – 11.05) with Starling co-founder Kevin Slavin and Scoreloop boss Marc Gumpinger.

Talks from Facebook (11.25 – 11.50) and Shazam (12.35 – 13.00) on the Wednesday should also throw up plenty to chew over. Again, the emphasis will be on what’s really working, rather than on slightly fuzzy suggestions of what might work in the future – although the odd wild prediction is always good fun.

That afternoon’s CC Ventures startup investor competition (15.00 – 17.30) will provide a great snapshot of some of the innovation happening around connected entertainment. But if I could pick one morning to look forward to most, it’s Thursday’s line-up of The Pirate’s Dilemma author Matt Mason (9.20 – 9.45), synaptic pharmacology professor Baronness Susan Greenfield (9.50 – 10.20) and Fjord group strategy director Louisa Heinrich (10.25 – 10.50). Expect to emerge with your brain buzzing.

If there’s one point in summary, it’s that I hope the Connected Creativity Forum provides a blizzard of ideas and inspiration from all the creative industries and beyond – the fact that this event isn’t just the TV industry talking to itself should be its strength.

Oh, also I’m on stage for the Crowd-sourced Wrap Up on Thursday (12.45 – 13.30), hopefully not talking to myself…


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