ECAD, the European Association of int’l audiovisual distributors is delighted to have been invited by MIPTV to unveil to producers how to make the most out of our services, during the presentation Int’l Audiovisual Distributors – Your Best Allies that will be given in the MIP Room, on Tuesday 9 April 2024 (3.00-3.30pm). Whether it’s for sales, helping with the artistic development of the content, or planning the material to be delivered, we will give concrete tips to allow producers establish a win win relationship with us. For example, we’ll remind of the need to clear archive rights worldwide, for any language and any distribution for at least 10 years. We will explain how we can help the producer shaping his/her financial strategy. We will stress the importance of the longevity of a collaboration with an international distributor in order to realistically obtain pre-sales. While BELIANE’s Anne Littardi and WINDROSE’s Pauline Mazenod will be on stage to answer any questions, all taboos will be left in the cloakroom. So feel free to bring your questions about MGs, the true role of an int’l distributor in gap financing etc.

Anne Littardi, BELIANE


In December 2023, ECAD, the European Association of int’l audiovisual distributors took part in the coordination of a transborder action with other national and European unions and associations of producers, distributors and broadcasters to ask for the support of MEPs at the European Parliament. Indeed there was a reassessment of the 2018 geo-blocking regulation and a vote on the question to end the exclusion from the scope of this law for the TV (and cinema) industry, or not. Voting the end of the exclusion would have been the end of geo-blocking for our media industry and would have undermined the industry investments which depend on territoriality and exclusivity. We explained the stakes to MEPS and submitted to them our suggestions to improve the circulation of audiovisual works within the EU, while respecting the funding model of our industry and relying on the portability regulation already in force. Part of a big European stakeholders coalition, we won and the MEPs voted to keep the exclusion of the TV (and cinema) industry from this 2018 geo-blocking regulation.

Thierry Detaille, VISIBLE FILM



In the wake of the 2024 pandemic and the increasing Green policies of the EU, a transformative period characterized by increased physical distance and the integration of innovative communication tools, coupled with the swift infusion of AI across various processes, Independent int’l distribution finds itself at a crucial juncture. Much like Broadcasters, who are adapting to the seismic shift spurred by the remarkable audience traction enjoyed by Streamers or the gaming industry, Independent int’l distribution too must undergo a process of redefinition.Given that our role as world distributors hinges on cultivating relationships, fostering networks, relying on intuition, and curating content, we are compelled to realign ourselves with these fundamental qualities. As the world undergoes substantial and paradigm-shifting changes, we firmly believe that our industry must strategically deploy these core competencies to navigate the evolving landscape.In this post-pandemic era, where significant transformations have altered the dynamics of relationships and communication, buyers and distributors alike necessitate a revamped paradigm to effectively respond to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.Anchored in human and social acumen, the role of international distributors not only endures but gains significance in the face of digital dominance. Serving as vital conduits between producers and audiences, international distributors, television, or streamers buyers are poised to thrive through enhanced transparency. Collaborative efforts should underscore a more open exchange of information, particularly concerning programming needs for specific slots. Buyers, acting as invaluable lifesavers, could catalyze this synergy, especially if organized under a structure such as MIP. The significance of marketing transcends mere buyer and int’l distributors interactions; it involves gathering intelligence. In this context, MIP’s listings could be optimized to cater to diverse needs, a sentiment appreciated by RX, attuned to user experience feedback.AI imparts a crucial lesson: information stands as the linchpin, shaping the quality of work and business outcomes. The imperative is clear – a well-defined prompt begets superior results. Drawing insights from the methodology employed by those working with AI, like the RISEN method, presents an invaluable opportunity for learning. However, amid the digital realm’s advancements, it’s paramount to remember that its essence lies in the human factor, curated experiences, and safeguarding mental health both at work and in regard to contents’ impact on the audience. Now, more than ever, industry professionals must engage in dialogue, fostering a harmonious convergence of technology and human-centric values.


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