Big Brother – Knossi Edition, Germany, (Knossi) 


Pitch:  57-hour branded entertainment special in which German streamer Knossi and various influencers and streamers, move into the house of the local “Big Brother” show, shortly after the finale of the latest season of “Celebrity Big Brother”.  Phones are allowed in the house and contestants can interact with viewers and Twitch chat. As usual, games and challenges allow to win prizes. Twitch users vote live for their winner. The brands were integrated into the format.

Social media buzz:  The Twitch special hit 8.81 million live views during the 57-hour live stream on Twitch. With more than 2 million unique viewers, the series topped 283 million watched minutes. The series aired live on Knossi’s Twitch channel, with highlight clips also available on the streaming app of linear channel SAT.1, broadcaster of “Celebrity Big Brother”.

Premiere: Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Distributor(s):  Banijay Rights

57-hour special


Idiot Sandwich, United Kingdom, YouTube (Gordon Ramsay)


Pitch:  Comedy cooking series launched by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay on his YouTube channel, inspired by his viral meme of the same name. The show features 3 competitors (content creators from YouTube and TikTok) racing against the clock in an effort to create their own unique sandwich which they hope will impress Gordon Ramsay (and his tastebuds) and earn the beloved title of “Idiot Sandwich”. The show is sponsored by a cookware brand.

Social media buzz:  From January 17 to February, the 4 launched episodes have gathered more than 3 million views in total. The first episode alone has delivered 1.4 million views (50,000 views per day on average) and more than 2,000 comments. Gordon Ramsay’s YouTube channel has 20,5 million subscribers.

Premiere: Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Distributor(s):  Studio Ramsay Global

Weekly 12-minute episodes


Poker Society, France, YouTube (Winamax)


Pitch:  Branded reality competition series in which ten celebrities and social media influencers are gathered in an abandoned warehouse, transformed into a poker battleground, where they compete for a prize of €100,000. The structure of the series includes eliminations based on poker table wins, leading to a final showdown among the top four players.

Social media buzz:  From January 31 to February, the 4 launched episodes have gathered more than 1 million views in total. The first episode alone has delivered 642,000 views (46,000 views per day on average) in the Top 10 of the most viewed videos on the channel. Online sports betting platform Winamax’s YouTube channel has 413,000 subscribers.

Premiere: Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Distributor(s):  Dreamspark

12 weekly 42-minute episodes

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