It’s a truism that “content is king,” but content is atomising. Story worlds now spread across linear and streaming, subscription and ad-supported, professional and UGC, social and gaming, and licenses and consumer products in the form of toys and merchandise.

Without discoverability in this complex ecosystem, “King Content” has no “subjects,” making distribution strategy critical and sparking widespread debate over the ideal approach. Spoiler alert: there is no one perfect strategy.

Every work needs to weigh its unique goals and attributes against the range of possibilities: exclusivity vs. windowing vs. multi-source; broadcast vs. SVOD vs. AVOD vs. F.A.S.T. national vs. regional vs global; YouTube and TikTok strategy and what about games; and more. This evaluation has to take place from the very beginning of the development process, and IP owners need to consider the interests and priorities of four key stakeholders:
• The producers
• Potential distributors and platforms
• Parents who will approve and pay for the content
• Kids who have to find, engage and enjoy it

Producers want to maximise their reach and revenue, build and maintain a fandom, and gain insight that will guide expansion.
Distributors want to build a schedule or library with attractive breadth and depth, so as to attract audiences, grow engagement and build loyalty (paid or simply time spent).

Parents want to know that the content they allow is safe and beneficial, that it’s easy for their children to find and use, and that it’s good value for money.
Children want their favorite content to be available whenever they want it, on platforms that are easy for them to use.

In this White Paper specially produced for MIPJunior by Dubit, we will use our Dubit Trends global data on kids’ media and tech use along with other data, as well as insights from qualitative research with brands and content, parents and children, to advance a strategic framework for new, renewing or expanding IP to weigh options and make wise choices.


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Dubit is a global research, consultancy and digital agency entirely focused on children, teens, and families. We work behind the scenes, providing research, consulting, and digital services to some of the biggest kids brands and start-ups. Dubit provides research services and data to help our customers make informed decisions. We operate the longest-running global kids’ media and tech tracker. We survey 12,000 families every year. Since 2015, we have collected over 50,000 data points across hundreds of thousands of kids. Dubit’s interactive team creates apps, educational products, games, AI-based solutions, virtual worlds, and VR & AR products for kids. We provide full-service digital product development using data to inform strategy and rapid prototyping to test concepts with kids, through to launch and marketing.

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