“The film will explain the initiatives and the importance of the SDGs to humanity, with a particular focus on Goal number 10, Reducing Inequality,” Paul Buccieri told the MIPTV Preview. “The film captures A+E Networks’ commitment for change in this space through powerful programming and initiatives.”

The film also highlights initiatives jointly established with MIP Markets and A+E around diversity and inclusion, including The Diversity Summit, The Diversify TV Excellence Awards and the Women In Global Entertainment event. “These events provide powerful forums to discuss topics pertaining to DEI [diversity, equality and inclusion] and women’s issues,” he said. “They also provide important networking opportunities among all levels of executives in the global media business — connections that ultimately spark change.”

As a global media entertainment company, A+E continually strives to evolve ways of thinking and bringing about meaningful change, Buccieri said.

“Corporate Social Responsibility has been part of A+E Networks’ DNA since the company’s inception. We have always been committed to using our networks and initiatives to help bring about change.”


He added: “The principles at the heart of the SDG-10 goals are very important to us and are reflected in our initiatives — from mentorship to supporting organisations that do social justice work to elevating the voices of diverse creators.”

Buccieri cited documentary series Surviving R. Kelly as an example of A+E programming that specifically addresses SDG-10. “We have been advocates for breast cancer research for over 25 years and we have launched a new initiative focusing on people making real change in their communities called Voices Magnified. A commitment to highlighting stories of veterans and military families is another primary focus for us,” he said. “Our Mission to Honor campaign inspires our audiences to give back to communities through service and volunteerism.”

Other behind-the-camera work towards SDG-10 includes A+E’s women-focused Lifetime channel’s Broader Focus initiative, designed to provide women with more opportunities.

“This has elevated Lifetime to an industry leader where 82% of writers, 78% of directors and 67% of producers are women


Buccieri said. “In the corporate realm, A+E Networks boasts a strong legacy of advocacy and corporate social responsibility. We continue to partner with groups that support equality. Internally, we are creating task forces to achieve concrete corporate action and we are razor-focused on continuing to build a culture of diversity and inclusion internally.”

Of the UN SDGs generally, Buccieri said they provide a road map for creating communities that will ensure a more equitable world for future generations. “We know that by embracing these goals — particularly those focused on equality — we are a stronger company. Diversity is not just an important goal in theory. We have seen first-hand how having multiple perspectives from a range of creators and audiences and embracing diversity and equality in all that we do, helps us develop richer content. Powerful and entertaining content with purpose is at the centre of our company’s mission.”

Of the MIP SDG Award, he said it “represents the work of so many and was borne out of a mission that began at A+E Networks since the day our company opened its doors over 30 years ago”. He added: “We are fortunate to be able to use our platforms for positive change and to make real impact for communities. While this recognition further validates the steps we have made towards progress, we know that achieving lasting change is an on-going journey.”


This article originally appeared in the MIPTV 2021 Preview magazine, which you can read in full once registered for Digital MIPTV. Find out how, here!

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