NBC launched an eight-part Snapchat spinoff of the new “World of Dance” show prior to the premiere of the dance competition series.
WORLD OF DANCE: ON SNAPCHATAlmost one week before NBC premieres the new dance competition series “World of Dance”, the network launched a Snapchat spinoff of the dance show on Snapchat Discover. The “World of Dance on Snapchat” series features some of the world’s best dancers who face each other in freestyle dance-offs. While the original television series premieres on May 30, 2017 on NBC, the Snapchat original debuted on May 22.
WORLD OF DANCE: ON SNAPCHATThe eight-part Snapchat standalone series is made for mobile viewing and is exclusively available on Snapchat in the U.S. The first four episodes are qualifying rounds, whereas the subsequent two episodes are the semi-finals. In episode seven, Snapchat users will be able to determine the final winner by voting for their favorite dancers by swiping up. Episode eight will reveal the winner.
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Facebook Messenger chatbot delivering users the most important news and facts surrounding the United Kingdom general election of 2017
ELECTION BOTGearing up for the United Kingdom general election of 2017, which is scheduled to take place on June 8, the BBC turned their ‘Brexit Bot’ into an ‘Election Bot’ beginning of May. The Facebook Messenger chatbot provides users with the latest election-related news and informs about the general issues, campaigns and the politicians themselves. It has been designed with bot developer The Bot Platform.
ELECTION BOTFirst, users can choose whether they are an election rookie or a political geek in order to receive content that meets their level of knowledge. Moreover, the frequency of alerts for breaking news can be customized – once a week or as they happen.
ELECTION BOTNext to the latest news, the bot also delivers in-depth background stories and explains what a general election is, who leads each party, the key issues of the election, where the parties stand on issues such as Brexit and how they are polling. Content is delivered through mix of text, graphics and links to the BBC website.
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RTVE launches companion app that provides background information in real-time to current and past episodes of “El Ministerio del Tiempo”
EL MINISTERIO DEL TIEMPO: DIVECoinciding with the season three premiere of “El Ministerio del Tiempo” on June 1, 2017, RTVE expanded the series’ transmedia universe and launched the companion app ‘El Ministerio del Tiempo – Dive’. The free app is available for iOS and Android devices and provides viewers with an enriched viewing experience by letting them access relevant background information in real-time. It is powered by Spanish synchronization app provider Dive.
EL MINISTERIO DEL TIEMPO: DIVEAfter installing the app, fans have two different options to access the great range of additional content that relates to each scene, including information about actors, characters, fun facts, locations, vehicles, fashion or soundtracks. When watching a new episode live, the app directly recognizes the minute of the broadcast and begins to display the information dynamically.
EL MINISTERIO DEL TIEMPO: DIVEWhen watching a past episode on demand, users simply have to press the ‘Dive’ button to sync the app through sound recognition. It not only features information about the current season three, but also about the past two seasons. By pressing the heart shaped button in the top corner of the content sheets, users can save the information and access them at any given time.

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