This afternoon, The Wit CEO Virginia Mouseler revealed the most buzz-worthy fiction of the show—coming to a screen near you.

Eternal Love (Croton Media) is based on an online novel. This Chinese show spans fantasy, romance and a love stronger than death … plus, it’s already scored 37 billion online views in its market of origin.

Charité (Global Screen) is a six-episode period drama that takes place in a hospital. It comes from Germany.

Taken (NBCU) is a US offering inspired by the hit movie franchise of the same name. It acts as a prequel to the original, but sadly doesn’t star Liam Neeson. Still, now you can watch high action and kidnapper-stalking from the comfort of home!

The Moorside (ITV Studios), from the UK, is based on the true story of a missing child—specifically Shannon Matthews, a kidnapping hoax that “shocked the UK.”

The Replacement (SPTI), also from the UK, is something Mouseler dubs “maternity Noir.”

The Bastards of Pizzofalcone (RAI Com) is based on a novel and buries itself deep into the “black heart” of Neapolitan crime, and follows a group of cops—the kind “no one wants”—following what is ostensibly an unsolvable murder.

The Frozen Dead (Gaumont Television), a French noir, is also based on a novel.

I Know Who You Are (Filmax International), a Spanish noir, plays on amnesia and mystery.

Stuck (NPO Sales) is a Dutch noir with strong elements of paranoia and secrecy and comes from the creators of Betrayal and Sea of Fire. Quick cuts interweave the increasingly complex family life of a detective working on a multi-element crime.

Queer Amsterdam (NPO Sales), the first show that heralds what Mouseler calls “the year of the trans-genre,” follows three young characters who illustrate the diversity of Amsterdam’s queer community.

Louis(e) (TF1 International) follows a Frenchman who becomes a woman, and his efforts to try reconnecting with his estranged family.

Trans-Human (Lagardère Studios Dist.), meanwhile, is about a man whose mind is transferred into someone else’s body after death. Amidst all this, he must conceal his identity living as an officer with BAIT, the anti-transfers unit.

La Porta Rossa (Studiocanal) is about Cagliostro, a police officer who’s been mysteriously killed. Seeking justice, his ghost contacts a young medium to help investigate his death, and hopefully save his wife, a judge called Anna, in the process.

Victor Lessard (Pixcom International) is about police detective Lessard, who investigates a series of ritualistic murders: Just before dying, victims heard the voice of Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged killer of JFK.

The Handmaid’s Tale (MGM Television) gets the “trans-feminism)” moniker from Mouseler. Based on a Margaret Atwood novel, this show is set in a dystopian totalitarian society, where women are treated as property and some are forced into surrogate motherhood. At its centre, one woman will fight for freedom and survival.

Possessed (Kanal D Sales) takes place in a remote village, where a strange woman helps women have children, using other-worldly intervention. Those children ultimately become portals between this world and “the other.”

Nameless Squad (Kanal D Sales): Following a series of tragic terrorist events, a young and promising diplomat gets in the line of fire out of love for his nation.

The Oath (Global Agency): After a terrorist attack kills his girlfriend, a Task Force Commander is put in charge of a 12-person team, tasked with finding the leader of the terrorist group. The 12 very different men find themselves bound by comradeship and devotion.

Habeas Corpus (ImaginaUS Sales): A forensic team works to establish the identities of the remains found in different pits, reconstructing the chain of events that led them there. The first season is about the disappearance of 50 students.

Nothing Personal (Azteca): Two young journalists unearth evidence of corruption among top government officials who have been brutally murdered, and whose slaughter was witnessed by a young woman, who’s consequently set up and charged with the murder. To prove her innocence, she must learn the truth about what happened.

Pacto de Sangue (Intro Pictures), or Blood Pact, tells the true story of politician/TV host Wallace Souza, suspected of ordering murders and getting them filmed to increase show ratings.

Rebecka Martinsson (Banijay Rights), based on a series of crime novels, is about a successful lawyer who returns to her birthplace when a childhood friend dies. She soon discovers the friend was murdered … and begins investigating.

The Forest (About Premium Content) is about Eve, a teacher in a small town surrounded by a thick forest, into which her mother vanished when she was little. 20 years later, Eve’s students also begin disappearing in the forest.

Black Spot (ABDA): A female cop investigates a small border town in a large forest. Phone calls are impossible to make there … and the remote area’s crime rate is six times higher than anywhere else nearby.

The Case (Keshet International) is a parody of the ubiquitous Nordic Noir genre, created by the Nordics themselves (specifically Sweden)! In it, a sadistic killer in a pig mask … is about to go “serial.”

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