The formats business is young, embodied by some global brands — The Voice, Got Talent, Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? — and shows plenty of growth prospects. Hits are scarce, new ideas are running dry, competition is heating up, platforms are multiplying: the need to minimise risks with stand-out and proven intellectual properties is exploding.

According to international TV and digital content observatory The Wit, 20% of new entertainment TV shows launched around the world are adaptations of foreign “formats”; 44% of new TV game shows launched in the world are adaptations of foreign “formats”; and 6% of new TV scripted shows launched in the world are adaptations of foreign “formats”.

But what, in fact, is a format? What is a format bible? How do you get fresh ideas? How do you sell them to the world? How do you prevent copycats?

The Wit knows the formats market perfectly: its publications and databases make it the bible for formats traders, its “Fresh” conferences at MIPTV, MIPFormats and MIPCOM are influential and referential.

As new generations and new territories are willing to enter the formats game, a back to basics no nonsense approach was needed, nourished by the best practices from around the world selected by The Wit.

Here’s what you’ll discover, in this 43-page report set out in 10 chapters:

  • The “secret sauce” of the world’s best formats: the common ingredients shared by the strongest brands
  • The secrets of inspiration for formats: how to find fresh ideas, disrupt the market and build a unique property
  • The secrets of the so-called “format bible”: why and how to write it
  • How to fight copycats: protection before and after the format’s creation
  • How to sell a format internationally: how to package it and to market it
  • How to localize a format: why, when and to what extent
  • The secrets of the formats’ eternal youth: how to nurture and make your creation live forever

To learn the tricks of the format trade and how to make it to the top with TV shows ideas, click here to download this exclusive MIPTV-MIPCOM guide by The Wit !



About Author

Virginia Mouseler is CEO of international TV & digital observatory The Wit.

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