In this series of posts from Reportlinker, we review the latest TV biz news, with one big statistic per news item. All you need to know, in figures!

$250 million: The amount Amazon Prime Video is rumoured to have paid to make a car show with the former presenters of Top Gear (including the controversial Jeremy Clarkson). Netflix also is committed to original programming; it is currently raising $1 billion to fund new original content. Both services had success with their online television shows, winning Golden Globes and earning Emmy nominations. Indeed, Amazon was first to win a Golden Globe for an online series, namely Transparent (top photo). Both platforms have had success recruiting big name stars to create and star in programming. Source: Venture Beat

50 countries vs 4: The difference between the two companies is availability. While Netflix is available in 50 global markets — and aims to be in 200 by 2017, Amazon is only available in four. Source: Venture Beat

31: The number of new subscription channels Amazon plans to add by the end of the year, with more planned. Many of these channels will provide original content, but will also distribute third-party content. The channels will provide anywhere from five to 1,544 titles. Source:  Documentary Television

300 hours: The amount of programming Netflix was given access to when it signed a deal with DreamWorks Animation in 2013. That deal has been expanded to provide Netflix with streaming rights to the studio’s film library and to provide original content. New animated shows will debut by the end of 2016. While Netflix decided to renew this agreement, it did not renew its agreement with cable network Epix, stating that Epix programming was available on other subscription services, as well as on traditional television. Source: Venture Beat

$99: The annual fee for Amazon Prime in the US, which includes Amazon Prime Video. It also includes Amazon Prime Music, unlimited photo storage and free shipping. However, some content is available for an additional fee. Competitors Hulu and Netflix both charge $96 annually, payable at $8 monthly, and charge no additional fees. All three services can be watched on smart TVs, streaming devices, computers, gaming consoles and through mobile apps. In addition to original content, Amazon users also have access to a film library. Source: PC Magazine

70 years: The approximate number of years television programming has been available. The viewer has been at the mercy of television networks for too long, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said in his keynote speech at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Television networks use business models that viewers don’t appreciate or understand, affirms Hastings. Netflix, on the other hand, allows viewers to decide when they want to watch content. Hastings calls the service a global TV network. Industry insiders, however, say that Netflix does have its own restrictions, based on the market. For example, in Cuba, American programming is banned, but Cuban subscribers are permitted to watch Netflix original content. Source: AdWeek.

Melina Druga is an author and freelance journalist.

Top Photo: Transparent, © Amazon Studios

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