In this, the first in a series of posts from Reportlinker, we review the latest entertainment trends, in figures!

10 billion hours: Number of hours Netflix’s 69 million subscribers watch per month; astonishing considering only 36% of US homes subscribe to Netflix. Additionally, more than half of all subscribers (61%), use Netflix to binge on television programmes. Nearly 80% of millennials subscribe to Netflix, while only 38% of gen Xers and 26% of Baby Boomers do. By watching programming on Netflix, users are bypassing 130 hours of commercials annually. Source:  MDR

1 billion views: The number of monthly views Buzzfeed Motion Pictures averages (their “Weird Things All Couples Fight About” is pictured above). This division of the media company Buzzfeed and was launched in 2014. The intention was to create moving pictures of all kinds… including GIFs. Not long after launching, the service added short, scripted, serialised videos.  The popularity of the videos means Buzzfeed may expand into feature-length films. Only 5% of the company’s traffic comes from its website; the rest is from syndicated sites such as YouTube. Source: The Los Angeles Times

43 hours, 33 minutes: How much TV people 65 and older watch on average weekly, according to Nielsen.  Television viewership declines with younger viewers. For those 50-64, the average was 39 hours, 21 minutes.  For gen Xers, it was 28 hours, 41 minutes, for millennials 21 hours, 10 minutes, and for teens 17 hours. Many people also watch TV online. Those 34 or younger were the ones most likely to watch TV online. Source:  Marketing Charts

87%: The percentage that television is used as a media for accessing news, according to a survey, when smartphones and tablets were not options. When smartphones and tablets were options for accessing news, television was still the most popular media, with 24%. While 33% of respondents said they kept up with the news all day, 50% of people still rely on morning and evening newscasts. The survey also found that those who have more electronic devices are less likely to access the news through traditional means. In the average week, 93% of Americans tuned into television news: 82% watched local broadcasts and 62% watched 24 hour news networks. Source: American Press Institute 

41%: The percentage of content recorded on DVRs that goes unwatched in the US, according to a study by Motorola Mobility. Globally, the average is 36%. Soap operas and dramas were the most-recorded shows, 36%, followed by entertainment, 34%, and movies, 33%. Source: e-Strategy Trends

4 billion: The number of daily video views on Snapchat. It’s also the same number of videos viewed on Facebook. Among teens, though, Snapchat is more popular than Facebook, with 19% of teens preferring the social networking and only 15% saying they prefer Facebook. Some profiles are receiving millions of views, just as Cosmopolitan’s 3 million daily views. Source: Ad Week


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