There’s never been more drama on TV, but some themes and topics are more popular than others. What are the outstanding trends in this genre? The Wit thoroughly analysed the current drama landscape – here are the results.


In 2015, the five creative and strategic streams that shape the drama business are:

Missing children: from Happy Valley to Norway’s The Third Eye to the Indian version of Missing, lost children are at the centre of numerous dramas today;

Drug trafficking: this increasingly topical issue in South America means narco-crime drama is currently travelling better than standard telenovela storylines;

Scripted Spanish formats: did you know that the most adapted scripted formats of 2014 — TVE’s Los Misterios de Laura and TV3’s Polseres Vermelles — come from Spain?

Dramas based on books: they are a classic opportunity for producers and broadcasters alike, but their number is on the rise, since they now represent 9% of new dramas each year;

Country agnoticism: in 2015, Turkish series have taken over Latin America, whilst continental European drama has broken into the USA and the UK. Great stories have no boundaries!


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