1. It’s important to know a lot about your subject matter (in my case, wine and travel) and how the two compliment each other, but I think it’s even more crucial to be able to speak about it to your audience in a compelling way.  I love them both and love conveying the facts and intricate stories behind them. #host

2. I am passionate, not only about wine tasting, but also in everything around it. Yes, it’s the magic of nature, but its also about the instincts of the wine maker and that takes a lot of effort, patience and craftsmanship. Show these facts and the show becomes even better! #passion

3.  Wine and travel are about enjoying life and they should be accessible to everyone.  I wanted the show to treat them that way and not in a pretentious manner.  After all, the wine and places you remember best are the ones you shared with the people you like/love. #lavieenrose

4.  The world of wine and its aficionados have a heavy social media presence.  A good show will use mediums like Twitter to interact with them, share information, and keep an ear to the ground of where to go and when, for a great wine experiences. . #wine

5. I  believe in teamwork.  The whole team should have an interest in the subject. I will produce a film crew that can handle a few drops because, after all, we will have to drink and work at the same time!  Hey, someone has to do the job! #nowino


Natalie Oliveros is the owner of La Fiorita Wines, as well as an actress and entrepreneur. She is at MIPTV with Appelbaum Productions to introduce new wine and travel TV concept, Lady In Red. 


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