MIPBlog spoke to star YouTubers Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal – the producers behind the phenomenally successful Rhett & Link channel – straight after their MIP Digital Fronts session.

How successful? “On our main channel, our videos can get anything from a million views,” said Rhett… “…as a baseline,” added Link, as that figure can go up to 10 million at times.

There are legitimate content and audiences on YouTube,” said Rhett. “Whenever you think about YouTube videos, you may think about two guys in their basement making stupid videos,” said Link. “I think about cats, and people kicking each other in the balls,” said Rhett. “And I actually think about cats kicking each other in the balls…”

More seriously, said Link, “we’re trying to widen people’s expectations of what YouTube channels can hold. So we churn out a whole bunch of content for our audience, that’s grown over the past 6-7 years,” to a stunning 1.85 million YouTube subscribers today.

So what can YouTubers learn from TV? “We think about that TV mentality when we produce our daily show,” said Rhett. “Every morning, at exactly the same time, our ‘Good mythical morning’ show comes out. That isn’t typical of YouTube content. We try to do that because that’s how traditional media works. We want to bring that predictability to our content.”

And to make sure we got the point, the duo treated us to a renactement of kicking cats in the balls 🙂


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