Lisa Gray, head of content, and Claire Marshall, associate producer, development, The Feds (Australia), were interviewed by MIPBlog just after they won the MIPFormats International Pitch Competition with their Zombie Boot Camp project.

They described what their show will look like: an original mix of horror, athletic challenges and tough decisions… in a very dangerous environment. “Zombie Boot Camp is a reality show that trains people for the zombie apocalypse“, Claire Marshall explained. “Contestants learn survival skills that they test in challenges. The winning team has immunity, the losing team has to vote for three contestants to face the zombies! Which they do, in an industrial battlefield.”

Lisa Gray stresses the fact that Zombie Boot Camp, in its current state, is “a reality TV hybrid“: “a reality show about a fantastical situation“, which gives the viewers the privilege to see a zombie apocalypse from inside. To be better prepared?

Although Zombie Boot Camp is only at an early stage of development, the MIPFormats competition win — of €25,000 in development support from partner Warner Bros. International Television Production  will The Feds the opportunity to work with Warner’s team to “make sure the tone’s right”.

What matters most to Lisa Gray is that they “treat the zombie mythology with in-depth research, but at the same time create survival style, games and challenges for people to really get into.”

It’s time to stop worrying for the zombie apocalypse: The Feds have got you covered!


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