Did you know that YouTube‘s global community creates more than 100 hours of video per second? Most of this content is user-generated; but the rest comes from media companies facing increasing monetisation issues on online video platforms.

YouTube’s owner Google has been trying to tackle these issues in the past few years, notably through formal partnerships with key content creators, its partner programme and the “Original Channel” initiative.

Indeed, as the marketplace for digital entertainment grows, Google positions itself as a distribution platform for both content creators and advertisers. This is where MCNs (Multi-Channel Networks) become relevant.

Built on top of video platforms, MCNs affiliate with or manage channels by offering their assistance in diverse areas, ranging from production to monetisation, in exchange for a percentage of the ad revenue.

These video giants are now a global phenomenon: VEVO, Maker Studios and Machinima – to quote but some of the most famous – are challenged by mid-sized aggregators all around the planet.

Here is a selection of some of the largest and most important Multi-Channel Networks. Discover tomorrow’s key players, along with key facts and their 3 most subscribed channels, along with a short summary for each. Essential reading ahead of MIPTV and the inaugural MIP Digital Fronts!


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