I’m a 44 year old Virgin… to MIPCOM that is. Yes, it’s true. I’ve been making hit kids TV programmes for over twenty years and haven’t been to MIPCOM. But now that I’ve co-founded a children’s media company, Yummico, and have an array of wonderful programmes to talk to buyers about, the time has come. I’m thrilled, but a little apprehensive…. we’ve all heard the stories.

So I rounded up the best advice I coud find; and Descience‘s Mike Dicks made that into this fabulous infographic! Enjoy…

Click here for a larger version of this infographic! © Mike Dicks/Descience 


So, I think I’m ready now. We’ve packed up our characters and our big ideas, and we’re off to France. And if you’re going this time, look for me, the VIRGIN with a wide-eyed look on my face!  I’d LOVE to hear your stories.



Yummico’s Traci Paige Johnson is one of our pre-MIPCOM & MIPJunior kids TV ambassadors. Read all of their posts here. Traci also speaks on the MIPCOM Wrap panel, 14.00, October 10. See you there! 

Fellow MIPCOM first timers shouldn’t miss the dedicated tour of the Palais and show services, Sunday October 6, 17.00! More info here… 

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