Photo: DJ BBQ showcased Jamie Oliver’s « FoodTube » channel… in this rather fetching attire!


Vsauce founder Michael Stevens hosted this super-fast session, featuring a handful of YouTube’s top content partners. Here’s an equally-fast walkthrough of a few of them, coupled with a cool video from each channel:

Vsauce, by the way, is an American channel that celebrates « mind-blowing facts and the best of the internet ».

First up was the inimitable DJ BBQ, Jamie Oliver’s right-hand man on Food Tube, presented the megastar chef’s channel (which you have to head over here and subscribe to watch)…


Then make-up artists Sam and Nic Chapman showed off their UK make-up tips channel Pixiwoo, which attracts 6.5 million views a month:


Next was the turn of Studio Bagel, a French channel à la Funny or Die.


Then came Flow, the « number one destination for urban sports video content. » Founder Tim Schieff hit the stage doing backflips, finishing with a handstand on the arm of his speaker chair. If that fills you with bitter envy, here’s his handstand tutorial.


Next up was Ponk, a German channel that founder Philip Laude calls « a dream that came true. » Three years ago, at McDonalds in Cannes, he discovered Ponk had become a YouTube content partner. « Now we’re producing some of the best videos in Germany, » he boasted, adding, « All we learned about content creation we learned from community feedback. »


Then came Golden Mustache, a wacky French channel that takes video games, media and other pop culture goodies, then gives them a twist. They launched just four months ago, and they’re starting a show with French network W9 next week, said general manager Adrien Labastire. They hope to build a 360° comedy network that spans all their interests, including articles, photos, apps, a video game, startup comedy, publishing, and branded content. Ambition knows no bounds.


Stevens wrapped by calling YouTube an « immediate two-way exchange, » with « room for stories that traditional media isn’t currently covering. » He – and we – hope to see you there!

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