A number of trends are coalescing in 2013’s latest reality TV formats, but The WIT’s Virginia Mouseler drew the grand themes out so we wouldn’t have to. Here’s the livetweeted latest from this entertaining screening.


Trend 1: Rednecks

Buck Wild, from All3Media, US follows friends united by pride for smalltown American life, community bonds and “unique” ways of having fun.



Trend 2: Social Bonding

Can this motley crew become a first-rate cycling team, shaving their legs and getting beat by girl cyclers? Think of it as “Cool Runnings” except it really happened, and instead of bobsledding it’s about the Tour de France. (Kind of.)


Trend 3: Generation Mashup


Trend 4: Family Mashup


Trend 5: Likes


Each person is then challenged to confront three personal issues and fix them in a grand made-for-TV manner: a person who wants to be a better boss will become a secretary for a few days, and a person who wants to be funner will have to give a stand-up comedy act. The potential for hijinks is enormous!


Trend 6: Psychological Rehab

Most of these shows can actually be construed as a kind of psych rehab, but this one could raise Hitchcock’s eyebrow:

The stars will then choose three significant people from their past to reveal their current and true selves to.


Trend 7: Crisis


Trend 8: Social TV

Ever feel convinced that your personal couch-rants ought to be aired someplace? Now they can be.


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