MIPTV kicks off this morning, and the Palais is already thrumming with buyers and sellers looking to cut deals. Among them is recently-launched US prodco Looflirpa Studios. We secured an exclusive interview with CEO Avin Yuon this morning, in which he outlined why the company may just be the hottest draw at the show.

“We’re all about radical disruption of transmediocrity,” says Yuon. “It’s easy for other companies to say cross-platform monetisation of consumers with personalised, immersional content, but they rarely deliver. We do.”

The company has a slate of smartphone apps, Facebook microsites and branded Pinterest boards, which it believes will attract millions of users and provide the user base for spin-off TV formats. Looflirpa is also intending to make the most of social networking services to build buzz.

“People talk about how TV has always been social. Actually, it might be just as interesting if it becomes anti-social. We’re going beyond that though,” says Yuon. “The future of social is asocial. But on Facebook and Twitter. Content isn’t king any more: it’s been deposed by 360 context with a laser focus on consumers.”

Looflirpa is far from the only transmedia studio pitching its formats at MIPTV, of course. However, Yuon says its fresh thinking will set it apart from the competition, as well as its unwillingness to compromise in pursuit of its ambitious goals.

“Broadcasting is dead. There is only Me-to-Youcasting. We are the ‘Me’, and we see the ‘You’ as being hundreds of millions of socially engaged viewers on a multiplicity of devices. If we can provide MegaLOLs for these people on a daily active basis, we think there is mad coin to be earned.”

Looflirpa is hoping that its spectacular showreel will win broadcasters round to its way of thinking. You can view it here – let us know what you think.


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