As MIPCOM opened for business yesterday, the Palais was buzzing with delegates doing deals, making contacts and discussing the industry, not to mention sneaking looks at the production slates of their competitors.

Tanya Nesi of Real Image was pleased with her first morning’s work. “We’re coming from Canada and Dubai. It’s outstanding how many people around the world are here to network, and buy and sell content. And there’s a lot of interesting content,” she said. Real Image is selling a children’s animation show this week, which Nesi says is “looking promising”.

Tanya Nesi


Conor Barrett of Curb Entertainment was also enjoying the show, where his company is selling a range of features. “I’ve seen a lot of new buyers here, that gives a lot of hope that there’s a lot of new deals that can be made, and new partners that we can have for the future.”

Conor Barrett of Curb Entertainment: what he likes watching (MIPCOM)


Meanwhile, Turner Broadcasting System’s Liisa Tikka said she is relishing the chance to connect with buyers around the world – something that is influencing Turner’s production strategy. “Going forward we want to invest in ideas that travel internationally,” she said.

Turner’s Lisa Tikka on content, sales and culture (MIPCOM)

Interviews: Angela Natividad; words: Stuart Dredge


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