MIPJunior-goers are a fun bunch. Take Aeverything Entertainment’s JR Smith: he summed up the event as “an aggregator: you come, you show your work, people get to see it; so when you get to MIPCOM, you have people to meet… like serpendipity!” JR Smith: MIPJunior as aggregator (MIPCOM)


Thom Chapman of ToonBox, for his part, said what he seeks here in Cannes is something “naïve” and bite-sized like Eek! the Cat… nostalgia is clearly key for kids’ TV execs.
Tom Chapman of ToonBox on what he seeks at MIPCOM


At the MIPJunior networking lunch, Classic Media’s Damien Tromel was nostalgic about Voltron, “because it was simple, efficient, concise and precise”; and said there was nothing as “gripping or powerful” around today.
Damien Tromel, Classic Media, on his content inspiration: Voltron (MIPCOM) by James Martin R_M


All in all, the consensus was that kids’ IPs today focus far more on huge story arcs rather than strong characters you instantly identify with. As one exec told me, in the new Thundercats, it takes five episodes for Lion’O to get his sword out. Food for thought?


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