At MIPTV in Cannes, the afternoon of Tuesday 23 April 2023 was devoted to a series of sessions under the
umbrella title of ‘The Future of Kids’ TV Summit’. The afternoon was an opportunity for those working in
kids TV to listen to a number of speakers talk about how today’s kids are consuming media and the what
this means for how content is created, distributed and monetised.


Defining Generation Alpha

We learnt from Ashley Fell of McCrindle that any child born since 2010 is part of Generation Alpha or Gen A, which is the first generation to be entirely born in the twenty first century. They are a global, digital,
mobile, social and visual generation. 2.7 million Gen Alphas are born each week, with India, China and
Nigeria being the top countries of birth. It is anticipated that they will live longer than any previous
generation, such that many of them will live to see the 22nd Century. By 2030 they will make up just over a
tenth of the global workforce. By the time Gen A ends and the next generation (Generation Beta) begins,
almost 2 billion will have been born, making them the largest generation in the history of the world …


Download the full paper of “Generation Alpha and Their Media” in partnership with Dubit, to find out more about this new generation! 👉

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