Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) channels bring the linear television experience to free streaming and, as such, are a crucial sector for the transition of free TV to streaming. Already watched regularly in the USA, the market for FAST channels is growing rapidly as audience engagement starts to take off outside North America. FAST channels provide producers and rights holders a new opportunity for direct monetization of content with many channels based around specific catalogues or even individual show franchises.

In contrast to paid streaming, FAST channels are heavily reliant on unscripted content, bringing them into direct competition for eyeballs with broadcast TV channels not just for viewers, but for all-important advertising revenue. Meanwhile, FAST platforms that aggregate multiple channels have already built channel offers at a scale similar to that offered by traditional cable TV services.

There is still some way to go before FAST channels will match the quality and content refresh rate of broadcast TV channels, but investment in original content has already started and has begun to accelerate rapidly.

This exclusive Ampere report assesses the market for FAST and looks at how platforms are using content and channels to compete and build market share. How important is exclusive content on FAST channels? What role do channel platforms play in accelerating adoption and viewing? Where do TV and device makers fit in the FAST ecosystem? How does the wide availability of free streamed content from Public Service Broadcasters alter the dynamic in Europe?

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