MIPBlog: How are Korean content owners and creators achieving such global successes?

SmartStudy, owner of the nine-billion-viewed hit Baby Shark is one of the companies involved in the Showcase. This is one of a growing number of Korean brands that are taking the world by storm – Gangnam Style BTS and Masked Singer are other examples.

Since Korean content began to enter overseas markets in earnest, the content industry and the government have also made great efforts to create the Korean content that can be successful in global market. Through the trials and errors, the level of Korean consumers has increased, as well as the quality and quantity of Korean content.

In consequence, I consider the content that satisfies Korean consumers can also be booming in global market. In addition, Korean government has provided a lot of supports not only for completed content but also co-production and localization of production. For instance, the government supported ‘The Masked Singer’ to be successful through the fostering project of format business such as ‘K-format showcase’.


MIPBlog: What do you think might be the next big animation hit from Korea?

Another Korean company – and Showcase participant – Aurora World, is creator of YooHoo and Friends, the first Korean animation studio to create a Netflix original series.  YooHoo & Friends has sold more than 80 million products globally since its launch in 2007.

KOCCA supports numerous animation projects every year. ‘YooHoo & Friends’ is also one of the projects that KOCCA supported for its production. Accordingly, it is difficult to recommend a specific animation. As will be mentioned in the next question, you can meet the Korean animation projects prepared by KOCCA Europe Office at MIPCOM’s networking lounge.


MIPBlog: Does Korea have a strategy for pushing scripted content further around the world?

As we have discussed, Korean entertainment formats and animation are enjoying growing global success. What about drama?

I am not familiar with preparation at the corporate level. However, KOCCA is carrying out support projects related to stories that can be used in various fields. In addition to fostering story writers, we strive to expand our base through diverse story-related support projects.


MIPBlog: Is it important for Korean content creators to tell universal stories to ensure that content travels around the world and achieves this kind of success? Or can stories and content produced for local audiences enjoy similar global appeal?

As already mentioned above, I think it is difficult for content produced in Korea to achieve perfect localization.

Considering that Korean emotional and cultural contents such as ‘Squid game’ and ‘Kingdom’ on Netflix are gaining popularity among global drama fans, I assume it’s important for Korean content creators to produce the contents with the best stories and directing that they are good at from the Korean perspective.

MIPBlog: How has the global pandemic affected business over the past two years?

Since the face-to-face meetings were banned, the industries have been having the setback for the production planning or having difficulty in pushing ahead with new projects. Although they try to continue their business through online screening or existing networks, it is true that they are struggling to carry out global business.


MIPBlog: What are KOCCA’s goals for this year’s MIPCOM?

KOCCA has formed a ‘Korean Pavilion’ every year to support more than 50 Korean companies.

There have been few exhibitions held over those past two years due to COVID-19, and most Korean companies are not able to attend MIPCOM this year. However, we plan to provide the contents and information of Korean companies and provide them at KOCCA Europe Office.

If you come to the table reserved for KOCCA at networking lounge, our staffs will help you find Korean content and put you in the relation with Korean companies.

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