Taiwan, an island in Asia, small but rich in culture. The film and TV works there are awesome. From drama, documentary to animation and non-Scripted Travel Program, Taiwanese producers are in MIPTV with abundant contents from Taiwan, presenting the country’s television and film content to the international market.

Taipei Multimedia Production Association, the organiser of Taiwan pavilion, has engaged in long-term participation in overseas multimedia trade exhibitions and provides the companies in Taiwan with a platform for the sale of their copyrights overseas. They have participated in MIPTV for many years. In 2019, there are 11 firms showcasing 25 of their most stellar works at MIPTV. The current leader, Gary Lin, is the president of Da Chao TV and produce interesting food shows. He works hard to effective two-way communication between government agencies and the industry.

Among those contents, two works are especially worth mentioning: Best Interest and Heavenkid. Best Interest is the first legal drama series in Taiwan. It features rich design and dramatic structure with independent cases presented with tight-knit visual rhythm and meticulous case reasoning, giving viewers wholly new perspectives. The plot is centered on a group of rookie lawyers dedicated to fairness and justice, depicting the battles they are involved in over the course of their five-month internship. The various individual cases push the plot. The director utilizes case arrangement and interconnections to showcase the lawyers’ work scenarios and court presentation styles. The competition between the young professionals provides a realistic portrait of the interactions in a law firm, hot and cold, positive and negative.

And about Heavenkid. It is totally a different kind of work. It is a 3D animated TV series originated in Taiwan, and the theatrical 3D approach is applied to the production of this educational television programme. This 3D animation with lively entertainment serves as a tool of moral educational in a subtle manner, replacing dogmatic preaching approaches. Till now, Heavenkid has won 58 awards worldwide, including Best Animated Film of Global Short Film Awards Cannes 2018, Honorable Mention of Canada’s World International Film Festival 2017, Gold Palm Award of Mexico International Film Festival 2017, etc. It is also a finalist at the Nice Film Festival in France and will know the result in May this year.

In addition to these two programs, there are still some nice contents like documentary of Taiwan Indigenous culture, gay love story drama, VR educational Content, food show, thriller movie and travel program. The Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development of Taiwan has invested a lot of resources to Taiwan producers and is ambitious to promote Taiwan’s good works all over the world.


Interested in Taiwanese content? Meet them at MIPTV 2019, stand P-1.F72&P-1.G73.

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