US-based research company Parrot Analytics’ new measure of “content travelability” looks set to be very useful to Cannes delegates wanting to gauge the probability of a local hit show gaining global popularity.

Content travelability is explained and demonstrated in Parrot Analytics’ recently published white paper called Local Differences in Global Content Travelability for Established and Emerging Markets.

At a time when international content providers are commissioning local content aimed at audiences in specific countries, digital connection is enabling local fans to share their enthusiasm internationally.

Parrot Analytics’ publication aims to help makers of a local hit assess whether that popularity can spread outside the home market and, if so, how to go about making it happen. That is the content travelability Parrot is able to measure.

“The usefulness of the travelability metric is that, for the first time, the industry can precisely quantify the ability of shows to appeal across borders,” said Samuel Stadler, Parrot Analytics’ marketing manager (pictured above right, with customer success manager Stefan Nordbruch). “In a world of SVODs, we want to give data a seat at the decision-making table.”

It does so by trying to find answers to a series of questions such as the following: How can a producer know that they should capitalise on fans that they don’t know exist? How can a distributor develop pricing models for regions where a show hasn’t aired yet? How can global platforms commission content for maximum appeal with minimum cost?


This article was written by Juliana Korenteng for MIPTV News magazine, and edited by Kristine Clifford. Read all MIPTV publications online here


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