Sky One is hoping for plenty of belly laughs from its latest comedy drama, Living The Dream. Starring seasoned actors Philip Glenister (photo) and Lesley Sharp, the show is produced by Big Talk Productions, and created and written by Mick Ford, whose previous work includes Single Father and The Five.

The show sees a British family, the Pembertons, moving from rainy England to sunny Florida, and a caravan park [RV park in local parlance]. But, as you may have guessed given the genre, their plans don’t entirely turn out as they had hoped. It’s a tale of culture clashes and Brits abroad with lashings of humour. Glenister sat down with MIPBlog this MIPCOM to explain more.

Could you tell us more about Living the Dream?

Philip Glenister: The programme is about a family which ups sticks to America and buys an RV trailer park. It is a warm and engaging family show, the characters on site are lots of fun. Mal Pemberton, my character, hadn’t seen the park he has bought, so it’s a bit of a surprise! There are a lot of series with couples fighting, but this one is happily married, and makes a good team! My wife, Jen, is much more practical, while my character is more of a dreamer and runs headlong into a lot of situations.

> Are you personally tempted by upping sticks like the Pembertons do?

No, I’m a little too set in my ways… One day maybe, but there are a lot of complications with visas. There’s a risk to it, but that’s what, I think, attracted our producer, as there are lots of Brits who emigrate to the US. 


> Does Living the Dream follow the rather British trend of cringe humour, à la The Office?

No, I hope you’ll be laughing with us, rather than at us! In episode two, we’re taken to church by my daughter, who’s fallen for the son of the local mayor, who’s very religious. So she pretends we are too, and we end up in a rather flamboyant ceremony. Afterwards, I have to get them to sing (traditional British hymn) All Things Bright and Beautiful. I won’t tell you how that goes down!


> You’re a big fan of cars, as your For The Love of Cars show made clear. Did you get to play with any here?

When (prodcuers) Luke and Mick were scouting for locations, they were given a Lincoln Navigator 4×4, a big old bastard. They liked it so much that it became our family car! Then Jen, my character’s wife gets a convertible Mustang; a real beauty!


> What do you think of the export potential of the show?

The programme should cross over quite readily as it’s something lots of people have thought of doing themselves: this might put them off completely… or the opposite! Maybe Trump will buy it! 

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