The Wit CEO Virginia Mouseler entertained another packed Grand Auditorium today with her latest Fresh TV session: this time focusing on the latest dramas from around the world. She moved straight into a rundown, starting with a buzzy Chinese series.

Princess Agents (China International television Corp) is an epic period fantasy from China about a female slave becoming a leader. It was put on Hunan and YouTube for free and racked up more than 50bn views online.

The Good Doctor (SPTI) is the first success for a South Korean scripted format in the US. It’s about a young doctor who is a genius, but who has a dysfunctional attitude: “Not exactly adapted to his world…”

Tales of Innocence (Kanal D Sales) has been a hit in Turkey, and is also an adaptation of a South Korean scripted format. The themes are love and sacrifice.

Liar (All3Media International) sees a seemingly perfect guy accused of rape – Mouseler noted that this is particularly topical this month, with the entertainment industry’s discussions about harassment and worse – but “presents two sides of the story”.

The Mantis (AB International Distribution) has been a big hit in France: a dark thriller about a woman who’s a serial killer, who helps the police track down a copycat killer. It’s soon going to Netflix. Carole Bouquet brings star power to the drama.

La Musica del Silenzio (Ambi Distribution) is a TV-movie from Italy, a biopic of tenor Andrea Bocelli, which was also screened for a three-day run in cinemas.

The Goddess (Caracol International) is another biopic from Colombia, telling the tale of a pop icon who died in a car accident, but before that was a heroine trying to survive in a chauvinist world.

Under Pressure (Globo International) is from Brazil: a hospital drama set in a shantytown, based on a cinema blockbuster. The nine-episode series airs at 10pm, and is seen as innovative in Brazil: a weekly drama rather than a daily telenovela.

While You Were Sleeping (SBS Content Hub) is a “soft fantasy” police drama from South Korea. It’s a love story that mixes in elements of thrillers and police procedurals. It’s finding viewers through online-video platforms around the world.

Diagnosis (TVN Sales) from Poland is a hospital drama with thriller elements, and a central theme of amnesia. A woman who has lost her memory in a car accident has to find out why she is there and what happened to her.

Good Time Girl (Talpa Content) is the top new drama from the Netherlands. It’s a “sexy drama” according to Mouseler – the story of a housewife who is cheated on by her husband, so decides to become a “high-class call girl”.

The Restaurant (Banijay Rights) is a hit from Sweden, with a 45% viewing share. It focuses on a post World War II family saga, with a second season already having been commissioned.

Where is Thea? (Anti TV) comes from Norway and Denmark: a short daily video-on-demand series using webisodes, then weekly linear episodes for TV. It sees a girl searching for her missing friend.

Amnesia (BeActive Entertainment) from Portugal is about a blogger who suffers from amnesia, and is accused of murdering her boyfriend. Viewers can dive deeper into the plot via the couple’s social media accounts.

If I Were You (RTVE Sales) is another interactive thriller from Spain: it starts with a TV movie starring an Instagram star, and has webisodes too. At the end of every episode, viewers vote on Facebook between two plots, with the show written and shot on a weekly basis.

Match (Red Arrow) focuses on the life of a “goofy young man” commented on by two sports commentators, who follow every aspect of his life, as if it was a sporting event.

Better Than Us (Yellow, Black and White) from Russia involves robots who have invaded all spheres of humans’ lives: a glimpse at an unsettling future for humanity.

Hard Sun (FremantleMedia) is another dystopia-noir, where computer hackers find out that the world will be destroyed in five years’ time.

Sleepers (Armoza Formats) from Russia focuses on a murder in the high-stakes world of international art dealing: expect thrills and scares galore.

Sunshine Kings (FremantleMedia) focuses on a young basketballer who is suspected of assault on a young girl in a wealthy suburb: it explores issues of prejudice and diversity.

Argon (CJ&EM Corp) sees truthful reporters trying to deliver the facts, in a world of fake news. A topical subject in 2017 for so many reasons.

Banking District (About Premium Content) explores the intrigues and dark secrets within a private Swiss bank run by a family. It’s a drama from Switzerland.

House Arrest (TNT Sales) is a Russian comedy that talks about political corruption in a small town, with a mayor who’s sent back to live in his old communal apartment.

Siren (Freeform) comes from the US: a fantasy series showing an epic battle between men and mermaids for control of the ocean. It airs from March 2018 in its home market.

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