2016 was a peak year for TV streaming platforms, Netflix and Amazon first and foremost. What are the key trends & figures to bear in mind as we near 2017?  Let’s have a look at the numbers and find out.

$6 billion: The amount Netflix plans to invest in original content next year. The streaming service is competing with Amazon for users’ viewing time. In 2015, only CBS, NBC and Disney-ABC spent more on content. Netflix spent $5 billion, while Amazon spent $2.67 billion. The investment is paying off for Netflix. Among households that subscribe to streaming services, Netflix dominates. Only 15% use another service like Amazon, Hulu or Sling.  All services will see a boost in revenue next year. Two independent surveys discovered that 6% of pay-TV subscribers are planning to cut the cord in the next 12 months. This move could cost cable and satellite providers $1 billion in revenue. Source:  USA Today

7.4: The average number of hours per week users stream content on a TV, still the most popular device to view programming. Computers account for five hours of viewing while tablets and smartphones account for three hours each.  Some sites favour television more than others. For example, Netflix, Sling, Hulu Amazon and HBO Go users are more likely to view content on a TV.  On the other hand, users of YouTube, Vudu, iTunes and Yahoo Screen are more like to use a computer or mobile device. Source:  Media Daily Post

7.5%: The proposed utility tax for pay-per-view and video on demand users in Alameda, California.  As more people cancel their landlines in favour of smartphones, municipalities have lost millions annually in utility taxes. Alameda’s proposal is not unique. Other cities have proposed similar tax measures. Technology companies are vocal in their opposition. The Consumer Technology Association says it’s ridiculous to classify streaming services as a utility because the services do not use public infrastructure or easements  If one municipality passes the tax, however, it will set a precedent that others will follow. Source:  San Francisco Gate

8,000: The number of apps in Apple’s tvOS app store. Of these, only 1,600 are from video content providers.  Apple plans to solve this issue with an app it calls “TV”. The app will make it easier for users to find recently watched shows.  Content also will be curated into viewing suggestions. Apple also has made changes to its Apple TV Siri remote to make it easier for users to find live broadcasts. Source:  Macworld

2,500: The number of hours of original content by CONtv, a streaming network owned by Cinedigm Corp. in partnership with LeEco that’s focused on Comic Con. The company also owns Dove Channel. The partners plan two more streaming channels which will launch in early 2017.  One, called Docurama, will air more than 300 documentaries.  The second station, as yet unnamed, will be an entertainment channel.  Source:  Street Insider


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