After lunch, CEO Virginia Mouseler of The Wit amused, shocked and captivated attendees at her anticipated Fresh TV Fiction session. Find out what stories will be grabbing viewers, below.

Major themes of this morning—and the rest of your year—include “the ice age” (a wave of Nordic noir), “black is the new pink” (more thrills and fewer episodes in telenovelas), and comedy.

Midnight Sun (StudioCanal)
An this high-concept thriller, a French citizen is murdered in a Swedish mining town. When a French police officer arrives to investigate the case, she must investigate it alongside the Swedish DA… who is also a member of the Sami, a mysterious indigenous Scandinavian tribe. Meanwhile, new killings bloom around them.

Black Lake (Zodiak Rights)
20 years ago, a ski resort was closed after a murder. A group of young people decide to open it back up. Horrors ensue!

The Frozen Dead (Gaumont Télévision)
Workers at a hydroelectric plant discover a headless dead horse hanging from an icy cliff. That same day, a psychologist starts work at a max security mental hospital—which harbours a dangerous killer—overlooking the valley.

Monster (DRG)
In the remote Norwegian north, the pursuit of a serial killer plunges two detectives into a dark, physical nightmare that resembles their own dark inner selves. Will they be able to find the monster without becoming monsters themselves?

Cold (Keshet Intl)
A girl discovers her dad is in prison for killing the mother she never met. She returns to her Northern Canada birth town, where she learns a dark secret tied to horrific murders of indigenous women … of which her mother was perhaps one.

Below the Surface (StudioCanal)
Copenhagen, 2017: 15 people are held hostage in an underground subway train by 3 masked, armed men. How will things unfold?

13 Commandments (Attraction Media)
A serial killer called Moses leaves one of the 10 commandments near each victim, hoping to restore lost moral values (a bit like in that movie Seven). Despite the cruelty of his crimes, he grows ever more popular.

The Paper (Keshet Intl)
A powerful businessman buys an independent newspaper for questionable personal and political reasons. While some journalists fight for the paper’s integrity, others have less noble aims.

Truth (Mediaset Spain)
Based on something that actually happened in the 1970s, a young woman disappears in strange circumstances … then reappears 10 years later, as if nothing were amiss. The investigating cop slowly begins to fall for her enigmatic—yet dangerous!—appeal.

Supermax (Globo TV Intl)
12 participants agree to take part in a reality series, where they are confined to a maximum security prison. Without explanation, the production team stops communicating with them, leaving them to their own devices.

Justiça (Globo TV Intl)
Four strangers seeking justice progressively cross paths as this series develops. Each episode tells one of their stories, hinging on the crime that changed their lives.

Love After Love (Telefe)
A tragic car accident unveils a dark secret—and a forbidden love—between two married couples.

Runaways (Comarex)
Four women, incarcerated for various reasons, break out of prison in a spectacular way to settle scores.

My Three Daughters (LatinMedia Corp)
A father is wrongfully arrested and separated from his three young daughters. Nine years later, he seeks to prove his innocence and find the girls—now gorgeous adults who, for some odd reason, have failed to keep in touch with one another.

Insider (Eccho Rights)
A young cop, haunted by the death of his brother at a young age, is sent to infiltrate the mafia. There, he discovers his brother is still alive … and working for the kingpin.

Wounded Love (Eccho Rights)
This passionate love story takes place during the Turkish War of Independence (1919-1922).

Olga (TNT)
Olga is a single mum raising two kids and struggling financially. Her family is the source of all her troubles, but they’re also mighty entertaining: She’s got a rebel teen daughter, pubescent son, alcoholic father and a sister who’s determined to find a rich husband.

Cops on the Block (Kabo Intl)
A hybrid cop squad tries enforcing law and order in town. The only problem? They’re inexperienced and overenthusiastic, making most situations in which they appear much, much worse.

Callboys (Woestijnvis)
Three gigolos decide to set up an escort service for women seeking sexy and affectionate company. But bad management, petty arguments and naked ambition (pun!) begin impacting business.

Paquita Salas (Atresmedia Intl Sales)
In the ’90s, Paquita Salas was one of the best talent agencies in the country. But when their best actress abandons ship, they must scramble to find the next big face.

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