This year will be my third attending MIPCOM. I’m pretty excited! I’ve spent the last year travelling, filming and pitching. Last year I wrote “5 things to know before you go to MIPCOM.” This year’s five things, in addition to traveling to MIPCOM, could apply to any travelling at all. So take note!


1. Getting there

During MIPCOM 2016, there was a train strike. Year before that, there was airline strike. Always know the different options available to get you to and from the conference. I thoroughly recommend a taxi or private car service to/from Nice airport. If you don’t mind driving, you can rent a car for the duration of your stay. Shuttles are provided during the market to/from the hotels. However, be sure that you are aware of the pick up/drop off times from your hotel. Also, pay attention to the pick up/drop off location. Everything you need to know about getting around MIPCOM – plus all the other practical info – can be found here.


2. Learn the Language

As an American, I have made it a point over the years to at least attempt to learn basic words and phrases for the country that I will be visiting. Almost everyone speaks English. However, being able to be polite to someone in his or her own language goes a long way. Practice with someone who knows the language, so you will not be embarrassed by pronouncing something incorrectly!

3. Bring the Power

I always remember the power converters to plug in to charge my cell phone and iPad.  However, I always forget the Power Bank portable charger for my phone. These neat little ‘extra power’ packs are for on the go, so you can get to your destination fully charged. Make sure you have two, so you can alternate charging and carrying your spare.


4. Plan your day

The market is as exciting as it is exhausting. I try to stick to a routine, almost like a  “normal” workday. My first market, I stayed way too late at the Monday night opening night party and scheduled an early morning Tuesday meeting. The meeting didn’t go as well as it could have because I wasn’t well rested. Make sure you give yourself enough time between meetings to get to your destination. And, check the map ahead of time so that you know where you are going.  Map can be found here: (insert link)


5. Allow time for safety checks

I was very impressed my first MIPCOM how important safety is during the event. My bags were searched before entering the venue, I was “wanded” by security and my badge was scanned, ensuring I was actually supposed to be a participant at the market. Make sure you plan extra time for actually getting into the Palais or the neighbouring hotel venues. The queues can sometimes be quite long, depending on the time of day. Extra security has also been added at Nice Airport, so again, plan for extra time. The outline of the security changes can be found here.


Last year’s final advice was wear comfortable shoes. This year’s final advice? Bring a second pair of comfy shoes. Last year, I broke the heel off my comfy dress shoes on day 3. The resulting wardrobe change was less than stellar for the last day!



JA Steel is one of MIPBlog’s pre-MIPCOM/MIPJunior Ambassadors – check out all of their posts here – who are coordinated by consultant Debbie Macdonald. She also speaks on MIPCOM’s closing Trending Topics panel (October 20, 14.00-15.00, Audi A): don’t miss it!

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J.A Steel is an US-based producer, writer and director. She has produced/directed 4 feature films and 2 television pilots.

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