In this series of posts from Reportlinker, we review the latest TV biz news, with one big statistic per news item. All you need to know, in figures!

Now is a good time for entertainment lovers. Quality programming is on offer from traditional broadcast and cable networks, as well as streaming sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. These networks and services have different ways of looking at the future of programing. Let’s examine their arguments by looking at the numbers.

209: The number of scripted series which aired in 2015, according to data provided by FX Networks. If streaming services are included, then there were 412. In addition, there were another 750 unscripted programmes. This figure is nearly double that of 2009. FX Networks CEO John Landgraf calls this peak TV, i.e. the maximum amount of content available to viewers before the number of programmes begins to contract. Landgraf believes the contraction point is 450 scripted series. He also believes content recreation is on an economic bubble that is about to burst. More programmes are being produced than are sustainable. Source: Ad Week

Two-thirds: The percentage of pay TV revenue paid to networks. Cash flow has increased 10% since 2005. On network television, a series does not have to be a success; it just has to maintain a certain percentage of its lead-in audience. Also, despite the average household receiving more than 200 channels, research has shown that most viewers watch only a handful. The average time spent watching television has dropped double digits for all age groups in the past decade. Source: Redef

15% annually: The amount video traffic on mobile has increased. Viacom CEO Bob Bakish views mobile as the solution to people switching from traditional television to streaming services. Networks’ reluctance to embrace “television everywhere” is the reason sites like Netflix have succeeded, Bakish says. Outside the US, television providers have embraced the new technology. Source: Business Insider UK

3: The number of streaming services AT&T, which purchased DirecTV last year, plans to launch in 2016. The move comes as AT&T is searching for new ways to attract younger customers. The new service was developed with young people in mind. Programming will be viewed online and has been tailored for smartphones. There will be no contracts or special equipment. Pricing has not been announced. The potential customer base is 20 million people. However, similar services such as SlingTV and HBO Go now have less than 900,000 subscribers. Source: Hollywood Reporter

$4bn: How much new cable television network Viceland is worth, according to Disney, quoted by Vide Media CEO Shane Smith. The network, which launched earlier this year, is owned by Vice, and its creative director is Spike Jonze. The emphasis is on storytelling. Smith says the time is right for content creation and original programming. The network is aimed at millennials, who are poised to take over from baby boomers as the group having the largest influence on entertainment and the media. Source: re/code

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