Published in partnership with MediaTainment Finance, this quarterly review picks out today’s biggest trends outside the core TV business. Highlights of this 12th issue include:

– Advertisers are expected to pay US$5m-plus for a 30-second ad during the multi-platform (TV and online) transmission of the Super Bowl

– Spirit Music Group, has formed a UK-based joint venture with B-Unique

– A federal court has awarded maximum damages under US law — $37.5m — to several rights holders, including 16,000 book publishers

– Microsoft agreed to invest a reported US$100m into Uber Technologies, the pioneering taxi-booking app

– California-based games developer Super Evil Megacorp (SEM) has raised US$26m to create a “hardcore” eSports event, centred on mobile game players

LeBron James has formed a joint venture with Time Warner film subsidiary, Warner Bros Entertainment, to co-produce movies, TV and digital shows?

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This report is the latest issue of a quarterly entertainment trends review developed by MediaTainment Finance, the business journal that covers investments in international media, entertainment and the impact of related digital technologies.

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International journalist Juliana Koranteng is the London-based editor-in-chief of MediaTainment Finance, a business journal that keeps track of investments in the global media, entertainment and creative industries

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