Today, technology has a leading role. The importance of digital platforms and technology is expanding fast and the market is full of new opportunities. This is a new era that we’re working in and we’re all striving to maximise these opportunities.

When we talk about new platforms we try to look at the entire stage and all of its players. In Dusyeri we are not just producing animation series, we are building brands. So what I recognise as new platforms are not just tablets, YouTube or new applications. Whilst we are thankful to the digital platforms, to fully benefit in this new era we’ve concluded that the ultimate platform is family life.

Today, kids are not just watching the content on TV. The content is all around us because the content is not just about having fun or killing time anymore. Today the right content accompanies us throughout our day. Good content is a friend to accompany kids while they’re eating, when they’re looking for new games to play with friends or when they just need to be alone and try to understand what just happened that day at school. The right content is there to help kids to understand the world.

As content becomes more integral to daily life, the new platforms are the kitchens, cars, fine dining restaurants, parks and malls, super markets and dentists’ waiting rooms. Kids and families are creating alternative platforms for content producers; they have given us their daily lives as a platform. So the greatest opportunity that we as content producers have is not only serving the living rooms with the content but being a part of their their entire lives.

And of course we are thankful for the technology, the new screens, and the new sales models and platforms that merge with daily life. Animation has always been expensive to produce so new technology is creating great opportunities to generate more income with the same production. More money is always good news but thanks to the brave and humble heroes in animation who continue to produce in new ways, we should remember that serving the audience well will keep you in business.


Nazli Güney Uysal is one of our pre-MIPJunior 2015 kids entertainment ambassadors. She will speak at MIPJunior, and also take part in MIPCOM’s focus on her native Turkey, our 2015 Country of Honour.

These posts are coordinated by Debbie Macdonald, a children’s media consultant. She was formerly VP, programming director at Nickelodeon UK. You can find her on LinkedIn here.

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