Did you know:

– Amazon.com is injecting cash into full-length movies for theatrical release starting this year?

Oculus VR, the virtual-reality (VR) tech developer bought by Facebook for US$2bn last year, has appointed former Pixar executives to set up Story Studios, a movie production and innovation lab that produces VR films?

– After buying Twitch, the online live streaming e-sports platform that allows gamers to watch live videos of other gamers in action, Amazon.com wants to offer that captive audience to advertisers by acquiring specialist ad agency GoodGame?

e-sport has arrived on a UK stock exchange in the form of Gfinity, an ‘eSport operator’?

The US Supreme Court has been asked to adjudicate and make a decision over the Kimble vs. Marvel Enterprises Inc dispute, centering over the Web Blaster, a Spider Man toy that plaintiff Stephen Kimble invented and patented in 1990?

– The Top 10 highest-earning rock and pop musicians in Forbes’ list amassed US$1.36bn in combined income in 2014?


Find out more in this latest issue of Outside the Box, an entertainment review including a special focus on Stockholm-based Epidemic Sound, the world’s largest and fastest growing production music library available for video creators.


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