The Slashtag team, including CEO/founder Lenka Galinié, strategic planner Marine Sejournant, and 360 director Martin Laugery.


Slashtag TV has launched at MIP, as the first worldwide online video platform for interactive content. It’s already been labeled as one of the 50 most innovative startups in France.

Their MIP Digital Fronts Screening began with a big statistic: 84% of millennials multi-task while watching videos.

“Why do we keep creating content that is linear, when millennials will be multi-tasking while watching that content?” asks Laugery. “Why not create content that allows you to go through your multiple devices, without leaving the content?

“That’s what we do at Slashtag. We call it interactivity.” Using device synchronisation, your phone will recognise the content you’re watching and provide fun little games or supplements to the content.

For example, a police officer makes a statement in a series. Maybe your phone suddenly beeps with the message, “This woman just told three lies,” then engages you in a game to discover what those lies were.

More importantly, it transforms marketing costs into a revenue stream in real-time: Fans can watch the show while their iPad streams different points of view, character biographies, and where they can make purchases related to the content.

What’s more, the person won’t have to leave the platform to buy something else.

“Interactive content is four times more engaging,” said Galinié.

“We give them the possibility to personalise content” and put millennials at the heart of a story that they’ll build on their own. “If you can imagine YouTube, Facebook and Shazam all in one place, voilà, that’s Slashtag,” said Galinié.

The platform will focus on three zones — namely the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific — across four categories: shows, fiction, music and 360°-filmed content. Hence the company’s VR headsets, which you’re welcome to try out on their stand!

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